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This is a list of music organizations in the United States. It does not include symphony orchestras or other performance groups, or educational and research institutions unless they have significant programs outside the fields of education, research or performance. It does include corporations or record labels.[ clarification needed ]

Generally, only currently extant organizations are included. Some historically significant but defunct groups may also be included.

International organizations are only included if they do have an American affiliate, and do have a major focus on American music.

Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)1952"to foster a business and legal climate that supports and promotes our members' creative and financial vitality"Lobbying and policy review, protects intellectual property interests of member corporations, protects First Amendment rights of artists, conducts research, sales certification, originally formed to administer the RIAA equalization [1]
National Music Publishers' Association 1917"to protect, promote, and advance the interests of music’s creators."NMPA protects its members’ property rights on the legislative, litigation, and regulatory fronts. In this vein, the NMPA continues to represent its members in negotiations to shape the future of the music industry by fostering a business environment that furthers both creative and financial success.
Drum Corps International (DCI)1972"Drum Corps International is a cooperative association of its member and participating organizations: We seek to promote and inspire unparalleled excellence in music and performing arts throughout the world."Drum Corps International World Championships
National Academy of Music2008to promote, support and advance the art and science of music‘Music Proficiency Examinations’ [2] and ‘International Music Prizes’ [3] The National Academy of Music has four categories of membership available: chartered membership, professional membership, student membership and honorary membership. [4]
The Recording Academy 1957to honor achievements "in the recording arts and supporting the music community." Grammy Awards, Latin Grammy Awards, advocacy and education"the only peer-presented award to honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to album sales or chart position" [5]
Americana Music Association (AMA)1999"to provide a forum for the advocacy of Americana music and to promote public awareness of the genre to support the creative and economic viability of professionals in this field." Americana Music Honors & Awards, manage the Americana Radio Chart, advocacy, education, market research [6]
Nosotros 1970"to enhance the artistic careers of Latino entertainers", "to improve the image of Latinos in the entertainment industry, promote employment in front of and behind the camera, and to provide educational opportunities for Hispanics in the Performing Arts" Golden Eagle Awards [7]
National Endowment for the Arts 1965"to supporting excellence in the arts, both new and established; bringing the arts to all Americans; and providing leadership in arts education"Various educational and outreach programs, as well as grantsIndependent arm of the federal government, claims to be the single "largest annual funder of the arts" in the country [8]
Texas Talent Musicians Association (TTMA)1980"to promote professional excellence; a better understanding and greater appreciation for Tejano music; and to provide a public forum for songwriters, performers and musicians in order to recognize their artistic efforts and achievements through the annual Tejano Music Awards and related events" Tejano Music Awards [9]
North American Basque Organizations 1973"to promote and preserve cultural and social activities of the Basque people; to cultivate understanding and friendship between Basques themselves and between Basques and non-Basques; to educate and enlighten the public about Basque themes; and to advance open communications between Basques in the United States and Basques around the world"Udaleku (music summer camp), Kantari Eguna35 member clubs in US and 1 in Vancouver [10] [11]
Council for the Development of French in Louisiana to "do any and all things necessary to accomplish the development, utilization, and preservation of the French language as found in Louisiana for the cultural, economic and touristic benefit of the state"
Coalition for African Americans in the Performing Arts - CAAPA 2003CAAPA supports Black classical musicians, youth and others in the performing arts by "Bringing Color to the Classics!"The CAAPA Cause is a five-point initiative based on the CAAPA acronym including: Community Outreach, Arts Education, Audience Development, Performance Opportunities, and Arts Partnerships.
Norwegian Singers Association of America Singing conventions [12]
Pacific Coast Norwegian Singers Association 1902 [12]
Hardanger Fiddle Association of America (Spelemanns Laget of Amerika, Spelemans Forbundet af Amerika)1914-1952, reformed 1983"preserving and cultivating interest in the hardingfele as well as regional Norwegian folk dances" kappleikar (fiddling competitions) formerly the Hardanger Violinist Association of America [12]
Union of Scandinavian Singers 1886Formed out of a union of five Swedish-American music groups [13]
American Union of Swedish Singers 1892 [13]
Knights and Ladies of Kaleva "preserving Finnish identity in America" [14]
Estonian Singing Society (Eestlaste Laulu Selts)1904 [15]
Estonian American Music Club
International Polka Association 1968"promoting Polish American music while also providing leadership" to international polkaInternational organization, but primarily American in focus [16]
Slovak American Home 1930"to provide space for the social activities of various Slovak groups" [17]
Wisconsin Slovak Historical Society "to sponsor... parties and picnics" [17]
Federated Slovak Societies Slovak Days [17]
Ukrainian Music Institute 1952Consists of 14 branches [18]
Association of Ukrainian Choirs 1959 [18]
Duquesne University Tamburitzans 1937performance group that has been "extraordinarily influential" in Croatian American music, and has had a "crucial role in the formation of many 'junior tamburitza' societies" [19]
Tamburitza Association of America Tamburitza Extravaganza
Center for World Music
American Society for Eastern Arts (ASEA)Founded by Robert E. Brown, Sam and Louise Scripps [20]
International Association of Independent Recording Artists (IAIRA)2006Serve as a trustworthy, unbiased repository for historical information, while providing a forum for industry leadership dialogue toward its goals.The IAIRA Industry ICON Awards, IAIRA Certification
American Gamelan Institute 1981Maintains an archive of recordings, scores and monographs, publishes the gamelan journal Balungan [21]
Arts Indonesia
Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS)to provide "alternatives in music promotion, production and education"Sponsors concerts and festivals, a radio station in Dearborn, Michigan, summer music workship, and Arab music classes [22]
Pacific Islander Council Pacific Islander Festival
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (PMA)1898The Object of this Fraternity shall be for the development of the best and truest fraternal spirit; the mutual welfare and brotherhood of musical students; the advancement of music in America and a loyalty to the Alma Mater.Central to being a Sinfonian is the belief that the manly musician is one who loves music, not for the sake of music itself, but as a means to elevating others. Through the Ossian Everett Mills Music Mission (MMM), dedicated Sinfonians exemplify this principle as acts of musical service. In keeping with Mills’ deep interest in the social and moral welfare of students, the MMM also instills a sense of social responsibility and charity in the Fraternity’s members. Each year, Sinfonians touch the lives of thousands through the MMM. [23]
Chamber Music Silicon Valley 2015 [24]

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The Contemporary A Cappella Society, or CASA, is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to fostering and promoting a cappella music of all styles around the world. CASA was founded in 1991 by Deke Sharon in San Francisco just after graduation. In his Tufts University dorm room during his senior year, Sharon published a newsletter, The "C.A.N.", mailed to all known collegiate a cappella groups by merging "The List," founded in 1988 & distributed by Rex Solomon, with the database maintained by his college a cappella group the Beelzebubs. The organization boasts over 6,000 current members, and serves as a resource for media and scholarly work in the area of contemporary a cappella.

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This is a timeline of music in the United States from 1970 to the present.

Library science is an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary field that applies the practices, perspectives, and tools of management, information technology, education, and other areas to libraries; the collection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of information resources; and the political economy of information. Martin Schrettinger, a Bavarian librarian, coined the discipline within his work (1808–1828) Versuch eines vollständigen Lehrbuchs der Bibliothek-Wissenschaft oder Anleitung zur vollkommenen Geschäftsführung eines Bibliothekars. Rather than classifying information based on nature-oriented elements, as was previously done in his Bavarian library, Schrettinger organized books in alphabetical order. The first American school for library science was founded by Melvil Dewey at Columbia University in 1887.

University of North Texas College of Music

The University of North Texas College of Music, based in Denton, is a comprehensive music school among the largest enrollment of any music institution accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. It developed the first jazz studies program in the nation, and it remains one of the top schools for Jazz. As one of thirteen colleges and schools at the University of North Texas, it has been among the largest music institutions of higher learning in North America since the 1940s. North Texas has been a member of the National Association of Schools of Music for 80 years. Since the 1970s, approximately one-third of all North Texas music students have been enrolled at the graduate level. Music at North Texas dates back to the founding of the university in 1890 when Eliza Jane McKissack, its founding director, structured it as a conservatory.

Joseph Jordania Georgian musicologist

Joseph Jordania is an Australian–Georgian ethnomusicologist and evolutionary musicologist and professor. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music at the University of Melbourne and the Head of the Foreign Department of the International Research Centre for Traditional Polyphony at Tbilisi State Conservatory. Jordania is known for his model of the origins of human choral singing in the wide context of human evolution and was one of founders of the International Research Centre for Traditional Polyphony in Georgia.

American Studies Association Academic association focused on American Studies

The American Studies Association (ASA) is a scholarly organization founded in 1951. It is the oldest scholarly organization devoted to the interdisciplinary study of U.S. culture and history. The ASA works to promote meaningful dialogue about the U.S., throughout the U.S. and across the globe. Its purpose is to support scholars and scholarship committed to original research, innovative and effective teaching, critical thinking, and public discussion and debate.

Sindhi Americans are Americans or residents of the United States who are of Sindhi descent. They are a subgroup of Pakistani Americans and Indian Americans.


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