List of provincial parks of Southwestern Ontario

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This is a list of provincial parks in Southwestern Ontario . These provincial parks are maintained by Ontario Parks. For a list of other provincial parks in Ontario, see the List of provincial parks in Ontario.

Southwestern Ontario Secondary region in Ontario, Canada

Southwestern Ontario is a secondary region of Southern Ontario in the Canadian province of Ontario. It occupies most of the Ontario Peninsula bounded by Lake Huron, including Georgian Bay, to the north and northwest; the St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair, and Detroit River, to the west; and Lake Erie to the south. To the east, on land, Southwestern Ontario is bounded by Central Ontario and the Golden Horseshoe. The region had a population of 2,583,544 in 2016.

Ontario Parks is the agency in Ontario, Canada, that protects significant natural and cultural resources in a system of parks and protected areas that is sustainable and provides opportunities for inspiration, enjoyment and education. The Ontario Parks system covers over 78,000 square kilometres (30,000 sq mi), about 10 percent of the province's surface area or the equivalent of an area approximately equal to Nova Scotia. It falls under the responsibility and mandate of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.


Bruce County

NameEstablishedCommons categoryPictureCoordinates
Black Creek Provincial Park 1989 44°58′24″N81°21′49″W / 44.973333333333°N 81.363611111111°W / 44.973333333333; -81.363611111111
Cabot Head Provincial Nature Reserve 1985
Pano Fen Cabot Head Nature Preserve Ontario.jpg
45°12′35″N81°26′55″W / 45.209722222222°N 81.448611111111°W / 45.209722222222; -81.448611111111
Hope Bay Forest Provincial Nature Reserve 1985 44°55′23″N81°09′21″W / 44.92306°N 81.15572°W / 44.92306; -81.15572
Inverhuron Provincial Park 1967 Inverhuron Provincial Park
Inverhuron Park.jpg
44°17′59″N81°35′17″W / 44.2997°N 81.5881°W / 44.2997; -81.5881
Ira Lake Provincial Nature Reserve 1989 45°02′24″N81°21′54″W / 45.039995°N 81.364884°W / 45.039995; -81.364884
Johnston Harbour-Pine Tree Point Provincial Nature Reserve 1989 45°06′27″N81°30′52″W / 45.107537°N 81.514344°W / 45.107537; -81.514344
Lion's Head Provincial Park 1985 44°59′49″N81°12′04″W / 44.997°N 81.201°W / 44.997; -81.201
Little Cove Provincial Nature Reserve 1985 45°14′50″N81°36′44″W / 45.247222222222°N 81.612222222222°W / 45.247222222222; -81.612222222222
MacGregor Point Provincial Park 1975 MacGregor Point Provincial Park
Observation Tower, MacGregor Point PP.jpg
44°24′31″N81°26′45″W / 44.4086°N 81.4458°W / 44.4086; -81.4458
Sauble Falls Provincial Park 1971
Sauble Falls.jpg
44°40′32″N81°15′24″W / 44.6756°N 81.2567°W / 44.6756; -81.2567
Smokey Head/White Bluff Provincial Nature Reserve 1985 45°00′02″N81°13′13″W / 45.000555555556°N 81.220277777778°W / 45.000555555556; -81.220277777778


NameEstablishedCommons categoryPictureCoordinates
Clear Creek Forest Provincial Park 2014 42°28′20″N81°43′24″W / 42.472314°N 81.723261°W / 42.472314; -81.723261
Rondeau Provincial Park 1894 Rondeau Provincial Park
2007-5-25- Rondeau Ontario - Provincial Park (47).JPG
42°17′00″N81°52′00″W / 42.2833°N 81.8667°W / 42.2833; -81.8667
Wheatley Provincial Park 1971 Wheatley Provincial Park
Wheatley Provincial Park - Beach.jpg
42°05′24″N82°26′50″W / 42.09°N 82.4472°W / 42.09; -82.4472

Elgin County

John E. Pearce Provincial Park 1957 42°36′29″N81°26′48″W / 42.608055555556°N 81.446666666667°W / 42.608055555556; -81.446666666667
Port Bruce Provincial Park 1974 42°39′18″N81°00′48″W / 42.655°N 81.013333333333°W / 42.655; -81.013333333333
Port Burwell Provincial Park (formerly Iroquois Beach Provincial Park 1971-1986)1971 42°38′53″N80°48′58″W / 42.648055555556°N 80.816111111111°W / 42.648055555556; -80.816111111111

Essex County

East Sister Island Provincial Nature Reserve 41°48′47″N82°51′21″W / 41.81317°N 82.85576°W / 41.81317; -82.85576
Fish Point Provincial Nature Reserve 1985 41°44′15″N82°40′17″W / 41.7376°N 82.67139°W / 41.7376; -82.67139
Lighthouse Point Provincial Nature Reserve 1985 41°49′32″N82°38′21″W / 41.8255°N 82.63928°W / 41.8255; -82.63928
Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve 1977 42°15′56″N83°04′36″W / 42.2655556°N 83.0766666°W / 42.2655556; -83.0766666

Grey County

Bayview Escarpment Provincial Nature Reserve 1985 44°38′12″N80°42′39″W / 44.636666666667°N 80.710833333333°W / 44.636666666667; -80.710833333333
Craigleith Provincial Park 1967
ON Craigleith tango7174.jpg
44°32′12″N80°20′55″W / 44.5367°N 80.3486°W / 44.5367; -80.3486
Duncan Escarpment Provincial Nature Reserve 1985 44°25′01″N80°27′58″W / 44.416944444444°N 80.466111111111°W / 44.416944444444; -80.466111111111
Pretty River Valley Provincial Park 1985 44°25′36″N80°17′25″W / 44.426666666667°N 80.290277777778°W / 44.426666666667; -80.290277777778

Haldimand County

NameEstablishedCommons categoryPictureCoordinates
James N. Allan Provincial Park 1989 42°50′58″N79°39′48″W / 42.84948°N 79.663466°W / 42.84948; -79.663466
Rock Point Provincial Park 1957 Rock Point Provincial Park
Shore, with Fossils.jpg
42°50′54″N79°33′09″W / 42.8482°N 79.5525°W / 42.8482; -79.5525
Selkirk Provincial Park 1967 42°48′50″N79°57′32″W / 42.813888888889°N 79.958888888889°W / 42.813888888889; -79.958888888889

Huron County

Morris Tract Provincial Nature Reserve 1997 43°43′37″N81°38′36″W / 43.726944444444°N 81.643333333333°W / 43.726944444444; -81.643333333333
Point Farms Provincial Park 1970 43°48′18″N81°43′02″W / 43.805°N 81.717222222222°W / 43.805; -81.717222222222

Lambton County

NameEstablishedCommons categoryPictureCoordinates
The Pinery Provincial Park 1957 Pinery Provincial Park
Pinery beach.jpg
43°15′36″N81°49′40″W / 43.26°N 81.8278°W / 43.26; -81.8278

Middlesex County

Komoka Provincial Park 1989 42°57′00″N81°23′51″W / 42.95°N 81.3975°W / 42.95; -81.3975

Norfolk County

NameEstablishedCommons categoryPictureCoordinates
Long Point Provincial Park 1921 Long Point Provincial Park
Long Point Marshes 2.jpg
42°34′48″N80°23′06″W / 42.58°N 80.385°W / 42.58; -80.385
Turkey Point Provincial Park 1959
Fort Norfolk NHS.jpg
42°42′17″N80°20′00″W / 42.7047°N 80.3333°W / 42.7047; -80.3333

Oxford County

Trillium Woods Provincial Park 1969 43°03′50″N80°46′40″W / 43.06377°N 80.77787°W / 43.06377; -80.77787

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