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Lost Dogs
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Background information
Origin California, US
Genres Roots music, Americana, folk, rock, blues
Years active1991present
Past members Gene Eugene

Lost Dogs are an American musical supergroup formed in 1991, comprising vocalists, songwriters, and guitarists from multiple Christian alternative rock bands. Their current lineup includes Terry Scott Taylor (Daniel Amos, the Swirling Eddies), Michael Roe (The 77s), Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong (The Choir). The original lineup included Gene Eugene (Adam Again), who died in 2000. The band's eclectic blending of folk, blues, country, and rock has been characterized as "a sort of CCM equivalent to the Traveling Wilburys". [1] The band released their debut album Scenic Routes in 1992 as a one-time collaboration.


Lost Dogs concert performances are filled with between-song jokes and one-liners between the band members (usually poking fun at each other). Many Lost Dogs albums include at least one or two cover songs. Songs covered by Lost Dogs on an album or in concert include Bob Dylan's "Lord Protect My Child", Leonard Cohen's "If It Be Your Will", The Beatles' "I'm A Loser", "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)", and Stephen Foster's "Hard Times, Come Again No More".

In March 2000, shortly after the release of their Gift Horse album, Gene Eugene died.

In 2004, the band got together with Steve Hindalong to produce a special album for their summer tour. The result was entitled MUTT , and included new acoustic versions of ten songs originally written and recorded for each band member's regular rock bands. The following year, the band would release the almost entirely instrumental Island Dreams . The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees was released July 2006.

In 2008, the Lost Dogs traveled down historic Route 66 with cinematographer Jimmy Abegg. Abegg filmed the band's experiences. The band then wrote and recorded 14 songs inspired by their journey, which was released as Old Angel in May 2010.


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<i>Scenic Routes</i> 1992 studio album by Lost Dogs

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Old Angel is a studio album by the roots music band Lost Dogs. It was released in 2010 on Fools of the World and Stunt Records. The songs were composed by the band while traveling down Route 66 in 2009, and recorded in Nashville.

<i>Shadow Weaver</i> (The Choir album) 2014 studio album by the Choir

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