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The Mabuhay Singers were a group of singers from the Philippines that was formed in 1958. Some of the members went on to become soloists like Cely Bautista, Raye Lucero, Naning Alba, and the late Rene Evangelista, among many others.


The group was formed by the Villar Recording Company as a merged group from two vocal trios, namely Tres Rosas, composed of Carmen Camacho, Nora Hermosa, and Raye Lucero; and the Lovers Trio, composed of Chi Lucerio, Floro San Juan, and Ador Torres. Filipino singers like Ruben Tagalog, Cely Bautista, Ric Manrique, Jr., Rita Rivera, Don David, Flor Ocampo, Noel Samonte, Betty Rivera, Phil Llamas, Robert Malaga, and Everlita Rivera joined the group briefly.

The Mabuhay Singers recorded more than 100 albums; some were released internationally. The albums contained traditional and modern Filipino music in major languages of the Philippines, and some songs in English and Spanish. In 1973, the Philippine Records Association awarded a citation for the group for their best-selling albums. The Christmas song "Mano Po Ninong! Mano Po Ninang!", co-written by Torres, was originally recorded by the group. [1]



YearAward Giving BodyCategoryNominated WorkResults
1969 Awit Awards Vocal Group of the YearN/AWon
Album of the Year"Mabuhay Singers Sing Pandangguhan, Dahil sa Iyo and other Philippine Songs"Won

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The Hi-Jacks were a Filipino rock band that formed in the early 1960s. The group was established during a period when rock bands, also known locally as "combos", rose in popularity in the Philippines among young people. Many of their songs consist of covers of pop music from the United States and the United Kingdom, such as "Pa Pa Ou Mau Mau" and "Hey Jude".

Tots Tolentino is a jazz musician from the Philippines. His interest in jazz was sparked at 16 years old after hearing Charlie Parker perform on the saxophone.


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