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Marco Kreuzpaintner
Marco Kreuzpaintner at premiere of Collini Case.jpg
Kreuzpaintner in 2019
Born (1977-03-11) 11 March 1977 (age 45)
Nationality German
Occupation Film Director and Screenwriter
Years active1999–present
Notable work Sommersturm
The Lazarus Project

Marco Johann Kreuzpaintner (born 11 March 1977) [1] is a German film director, executive producer and screenwriter.



In 1999, he began his career in the role of German dubbing assistant for the Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut .

In the same year, his first short film, Entering Reality, starring August Diehl [2] attracted attention at film festivals. [3] In 1999, he founded the production company Die Filmmanufaktur with Oliver Weiss. In 2000, he made the short film Der Atemkünstler, for which he was nominated for the Talent award First Steps, and in 2002, he made a TV pilot, Rec – Kassettenmädchen/Kassettenjungs.

In 2003, his first feature-length film, Ganz und gar, which describes the life of a young leg amputee, was released in theaters. [4]

This was followed in 2004 with the drama Sommersturm (Summer Storm), which, according to Kreuzpaintner, resembles his own coming out as a young homosexual. Summer Storm won The German Film Award (Germany’s version of the Oscar) for Best Young Director and earned him a nomination for Best Director and Best Screenplay. The movie’s lead was also nominated for Best Actor. Distributed by Warner Bros., the film was an official selection at over 50 film festivals worldwide, including Toronto, Berlin, London, and Palm Springs. [5]

In 2006, he wrote the screenplay for the film version of the youth novel Die Wolke . [6]

In 2007, Trade was released internationally. The film focuses on the subject of human trafficking, forced prostitution, and modern slavery. Trade was produced by Rosilyn Heller and was originally supposed to be directed by Roland Emmerich. However, as he was involved in preparation for directing 10.000 B.C. at the time, another director was sought, and Emmerich chose Kreuzpaintner, having met him previously in Munich in 2003. Trade was the first film to have its world premiere at the The United Nations Headquarters in New York. [7] The premiere was hosted by Sigourney Weaver, with former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon opening the event.

On October 9, 2008, Krabat, an adaptation of the youth novel of the same name by Otfried Preußler was released, starring Robert Stadlober, Daniel Brühl and David Kross. Krabat had a successful release both in Germany and international markets, breaking the domestic record in 2008 for German Language film. Looking to expand into other areas of the filmmaking business, 2009 saw Kreuzpaintner co-found the production company Summerstorm Entertainment in Berlin, with producers Ossie von Richthofen and Fabian Wolfart. [8] Summerstorm Entertainment continues to develop and produce English and German language films, it became a subsidary of multi-faceted media company Film House Germany in 2011. [9]

Following a break of a few years after the release of Krabat. Kreuzpaintner developed a screenplay originally set for an English language release. However, Kreuzpaintner eventually reworked the script into a German language romantic comedy, Coming In . [10] Following the success of Coming In, Kreuzpaintner found critical success and record ratings with T.V. movies distributed through German television network, ARD. During this time, he began the development of an original thriller.

Kreuzpaintner and Roland Emmerich at the premiere of Trade Trade-Pressekonferenz.5027.jpg
Kreuzpaintner and Roland Emmerich at the premiere of Trade

In 2018, Amazon Prime Video commissioned, Beat, a German thriller television show created and directed by Kreuzpaintner. It starred Jannis Niewöhner as the titular character, Beat. It was released on 9 November 2018. [11]

Following the release of Beat, Kreuzpaintner moved back to feature filmmaking. In 2019, Kreuzpaintner directed The Collini Case , a film about a young lawyer who stumbles upon a vast conspiracy while investigating a brutal murder case. The film stars Franco Nero, Elyas M'Barek, Heiner Lauterbach, Alexandra Maria Lara and Rainer Bock. [12] Returning to television in 2020, Kreuzpaintner directed two episodes (Little Adventures & Layover) of the show Soulmates, a show created by William Bridges & Brett Goldstein. It was released on October 5, 2020 through Amazon Studios. [13] In 2021, Kreuzpaintner joined The Lazarus Project, a project produced through Urban Myth Films [14] and written by Joe Barton. Paapa Essidu stars as George in the lead role, a character who is forced to choose between the love of his life and the fate of the world. [15] Kreuzpaintner directed the first four episodes and was an executive producer for the series. [16] The show was released on 16 June 2022 through Sky Max and Now.

In 2022, an adaptation of Si Spencer's graphic novel, Bodies began production. The eight part series is produced with Netflix through Moonage Pictures, with Susie Liggat as series producer and Kreuzpaintner directing the first four episodes. [17]



YearTitleDistributorAdditional Roles
1999Entering RealityKreuzpaintner &

Siebert Filmproduktion GbR [18]

Concept and Producer
2000MinoritiesHager Moss
2000Der Atemkünstler


The Filmmanufactory

Edgar Reitz Film BR

2001REC – Kassettenjungs


2003Ganz und gar Constantin Film
2004The CloudConcorde
2004 Summer Storm X Verleih AGScreenplay by Kreuzpaintner
2007 Trade - Welcome to America Roadside Attractions

Lionsgate 20th Century Fox

2008 Krabat 20th Century FoxScreenplay by Kreuzpaintner and Michael Gutmann
2014 Coming In Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Screenplay by Kreuzpaintner
2015Country LoveWarner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
2016Death Sleeps Gently ARD
2016Police Call 110 - And Forgive Us Our DebtARD
2016Your ChildrenARD
2019 The Collini Case Constantin Film


YearTitleDistributorAdditional Roles
2018 Beat Amazon Studios Creator, Director, Writer
2020 Soulmates AMC Director - Episodes 3 & 4
2022 The Lazarus Project Sky Max Director - Episodes 1 - 4

Executive Producer

TBA Bodies Netflix Director - Episodes 1 - 4

Executive Producer


2006Die WolkeConcorde Filmierleih


YearInstitutionCategoryNominated WorkResult
2001German Film Academy [19] First Step AwardDer Atemkünstler


2003Max Ophüls PrizeBest FilmGanz und GarNominated
2004 Munich Film Festival Audience Award Summer Storm Won
2005 New Faces Best Young DirectorWon
2005Milan International Lesbian

and Gay Film Festival

Audience AwardWon
2007Munich Film FestivalBest DirectorHimselfWon
Bernard Wicki Film Award Trade - Welcome to America Won
Hessian Film and Cinema PrizeSpecial Award - Shared with Roland Emmerich Won
Cinema for Peace Special AwardWon
2008 Bavarian Film Award Best Children's and Youth Film Krabat Won
2016FilmOut Audience AwardsBest International Feature Coming In Won
2017Grimme Institut Grimme-Preis Police Call 110 - And forgive Us Our GuiltNominated
2018Studio HamburgBest DirectorYour ChildrenNominated
2019 Funke Mediengruppe Goldene Kamera - Best Miniseries Beat Nominated
Grimme Institut Grimme-Preis Won
2020Bavarian Film AwardBest Film The Collini Case Nominated
Norwegian International Film Festival Won
Berlin & Beyond Film Festival Best Narrative FeatureWon
Cinema for PeaceAward for JusticeWon
Silicon Valley Jewish Film FestivalBest FeatureWon

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