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Mat Sinner
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Background information
Birth nameMatthias Lasch
Genres Melodic rock, heavy metal, power metal
Occupation(s)Musician, songwriter, producer
Instrument(s)Bass guitar, vocals, keyboards
Years active1982–present
Labels AFM Records

Mat Sinner (born Matthias Lasch; 16 October 1964 in Stuttgart, West Germany) is a bassist, vocalist, and record producer from Stuttgart, Germany.


Sinner has been involved in numerous bands and projects throughout his musical career. His main bands have been Sinner since 1982 and Primal Fear since 1997; he formed the latter band with former Gamma Ray singer Ralf Scheepers. He also formed the band Voodoo Circle with guitarist Alex Beyrodt, in 2008.

Sinner has also been working as a record producer for Kiske/Somerville, Bobby Kimball/Jimi Jamison (former vocalists of bands Toto and Survivor), and the first Scheepers solo album. Sinner is also the musical director of the successful Rock Meets Classic tour in Europe, where legendary rock singers team up with the RMC Symphony Orchestra and the Mat Sinner Band every year with a setlist of classic rock songs. [1] [2]

In 2013 Sinner also joined the band Silent Force. [3]

In 2014, it was announced that a new project called Level 10, featuring Sinner with Symphony X vocalist Russell Allen and other members of Primal Fear. [4] In January 2015 Chapter One was released.

In 2017, Mat Sinner released the album Tequila Suicide with his band Sinner with a Top 50 chart entry in Germany. The Primal Fear album Apocalypse released in August 2018 and charted Top 10 in Germany and 11 more countries. The Sinner album Santa Muerte released on 13 September 2019 and the Primal Fear album Metal Commando was released on 24 July 2020.




Primal Fear


Voodoo Circle

Ralf Scheepers

Silent Force

Level 10


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