Metal (Preston Reed album)

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The 2002 re-release CD cover of Metal
Studio album by Preston Reed
Released 1995
Recorded June/July 1995
Label Dusty Closet Records
Producer Preston Reed
Preston Reed chronology
Border Towns
(1993) Border Towns1993
Ladies Night
(1996) Ladies Night1996
Alternative Cover

Metal Preston Reed.jpg

The original CD cover of "Metal

Metal is guitarist Preston Reed's first recording for Dusty Closet Records. It was re-released in 2002 on his own label, Outer Bridge Records (OB1002). The re-release includes a different version of the title track.

Preston Reed American musician

Preston Reed is an American fingerstyle guitarist. He is noted for a two-handed playing style and compositional approach that integrates the percussive potential of the guitar body.



Professional ratings
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Music critic Robert Taylor of AllMusic praised the album, writing that Reed "never sounds mechanical. Rather, Reed creates memorable melodies with shifting percussive patterns that give the selections an organized, but relaxed feel... Required listening for guitarists of any style, or fans of beautiful acoustic." [1]

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Track listing

(All songs by Preston Reed) The track listing is in the order used on the re-release. [2]

  1. "Blasting Cap" – 3:46
  2. "Stonecutter" – 3:24
  3. "Far Horizon" – 3:14
  4. "Slap Funk" – 2:35
  5. "Overture (for Lily)" – 4:49
  6. "Border Towns" – 3:33
  7. "Metal" – 3:36
  8. "Franzl's Saw" – 4:46
  9. "Fat Boy" – 2:53
  10. "Flatonia" – 3:33
  11. "Chattanooga" – 4:32
  12. "Tribes" – 3:51
  13. "Train" – 4:22


Production notes

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Sicmonic (stylized as monic) is an American heavy metal band from Phoenix, Arizona, consisting of Billy Zane Muna, Ray Goodwin, Zach Kasmer, David Digilio and Zack Sewell. The band has released 2 LPs to date with a third in the process of recording. Their music is often classified as modern, progressive and experimental metal. Sicmonic is currently signed to Aural Music and Warner/Chappell publishing. Lead guitarist, Ray Goodwin is endorsed by Jackson Guitars.


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