Pointing Up

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Pointing Up
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Studio album by Preston Reed
Released 1982
Recorded 1982
Label Flying Fish
Preston Reed chronology
Acoustic Guitar
Pointing Up
Don't Be A Stranger

Pointing Up was Preston Reed's first release on Flying Fish Records. It subsequently went out-of-print and was re-released as a compilation with Playing by Ear and re-titled Preston Reed. [1]

Preston Reed American musician

Preston Reed is an American fingerstyle guitarist. He is noted for a two-handed playing style and compositional approach that integrates the percussive potential of the guitar body.


Track listing

(All songs by Preston Reed)

  1. "Whirewhip"
  2. "Groundhog"
  3. "Cane Bay"
  4. "Gone But Not Forgotten"
  5. "Gittel and Jerry's Theme"
  6. "A Day at the Races"
  7. "Fun with Wally"
  8. "Suite Hoodeet"
  9. "View from Afar"
  10. "Potato Pancake"


Production notes

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