Murder at Covent Garden

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Murder at Covent Garden
Directed by Leslie S. Hiscott
Written by Michael Barringer
William J. Makin
Produced by Julius Hagen
Starring Dennis Neilson-Terry
Anne Grey
Walter Fitzgerald
Distributed by Woolf & Freedman Film Service
Release date
  • 2 May 1932 (1932-05-02)
Running time
92 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Murder at Covent Garden is a 1932 British crime film directed by Leslie S. Hiscott and starring Dennis Neilson-Terry, Anne Grey, George Curzon and Walter Fitzgerald. It was made at Twickenham Studios. [1] The screenplay involves a detective who investigates the murder of a night club owner.



A detective goes undercover and poses as a criminal to try to discover the reasons behind the murder of a night club owner. [2]


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