A Night in Montmartre

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A Night in Montmartre
A Night in Montmartre.jpg
Directed by Leslie S. Hiscott
Written byWalter Peacock (play)
Miles Malleson (play)
Angus MacPhail
Produced by Michael Balcon
Starring Horace Hodges
Franklin Dyall
Hugh Williams
Heather Angel
Cinematography Sydney Blythe
Edited by Jack Harris
Distributed by Gaumont British Distributors
Release date
  • 17 July 1931 (1931-07-17)
Running time
70 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

A Night in Montmartre (sometimes written as Night in Montmartre) is a 1931 British mystery film directed by Leslie S. Hiscott and starring Horace Hodges, Franklin Dyall, Hugh Williams, Reginald Purdell and Austin Trevor. It was based on a play by Miles Malleson. It was shot at Twickenham Studios in London. [1] The film's sets were designed by the art director James Carter.



When the owner of a large cafe in Montmartre and a notorious blackmailer is murdered, suspicion points at young artist Lucien Borell who owed him money. Things look worse for Lucien when his father arrives and, fancying himself a criminologist, uncovers evidence that accidentally makes his son look even more guilty. On his second attempt, however, he is able to unmask the real culprits.


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