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The museum collection includes a variety of local historic passenger and freight equipment NSRRMCC031.jpg
The museum collection includes a variety of local historic passenger and freight equipment
Tourist train at the museum Nevada Railroad Museum Engine 25.jpg
Tourist train at the museum

The Nevada State Railroad Museum, located in Carson City, Nevada, preserves the railroad heritage of Nevada, including locomotives and cars of the famous Virginia and Truckee Railroad. Much of the museum equipment was obtained from Hollywood studios, where they were often featured in movies and television. The museum is operated by the Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs. Opened in 1980, it was originally named the Virginia & Truckee Railroad Museum, often shortened to V&T Railroad Museum, but was renamed the Nevada State Railroad Museum in 1985. [1]


Museum activities consist of operation of historic 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge and 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge railroad equipment, including train rides, handcar rides, lectures, an annual railroad history symposium, changing exhibits, and a variety of special events. The Museum also has an ongoing research and restoration program. The Museum's most recent event is the rebuilding of the interpretation center and possibly the HO scale model railroad operated by the Carson Model Railroaders who operate the Mills Park Railroad.

The Wabuska Railroad Station, a historic station from Wabuska, Nevada was relocated to the museum grounds. The building is, in essence, still used as a working railroad station where tickets for the museum train rides are purchased.


Standard Gauge Steam Locomotives

Dardanelle & Russellville #84-4-0 "American" Cooke Locomotive & Machine Co. 188819451987Static Display
Virginia & Truckee #1 "Lyon"2-6-0 "Mogul"H.J. Booth 1869 - Replica NSRM 202?2019Under Counstruction
Virginia & Truckee #18 "Dayton"4-4-0 "American"CP's Sacramento shops 187319381978Static Display
Virginia & Truckee #22 "Inyo"4-4-0 "American"Baldwin 187519261978Operational
Virginia & Truckee #254-6-0 "Ten-WheelerBaldwin 190519551971Operational
Virginia & Truckee #274-6-0 "Ten-WheelerBaldwin 191319481993Static Display, On loan to Comstock History Center

Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives

Carson & Tahoe Lumber & Fluming #1 "Glenbrook"2-6-0 "Mogul" Baldwin 187519371981Operational
Dayton, Sutro & Carson Valley #1 "Joe Douglass"0-4-2 "Olomana" Porter 188219041994Static Display
Southern Pacific #84-6-0 "Ten-Wheeler"Baldwin 190719551975Static Display, On loan to Sparks, NV

Motor Locomotives

NSRM #99 "Dinky"7-TonDavenport 192419881988Operational


Chicago Great Western #1000McKeen Motor Car19101964Parts Donor
Virginia & Truckee #22McKeen Motor Car191019451996Operational
Virginia & Truckee #99

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The Glenbrook is a 2-6-0, Mogul type, narrow-gauge steam railway locomotive built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1875 for the Carson and Tahoe Lumber and Fluming Company's 3 ft narrow-gauge railroad.

Virginia and Truckee Railway Locomotive No. 27 preserved American 4-6-0 locomotive

Virginia and Truckee Railroad Engine No. 27 is an historic standard gauge steam locomotive. It was on display at the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City, Nevada, but was traded with The Dayton and is currently on display at the Comstock Historical Center in Virginia City. It was the last locomotive acquired new by the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, and pulled the last commercial train for the V&T on May 31, 1950, the date that freight and passenger services officially terminated for the company. The locomotive was placed on the National Register of Historic Places due to its association with the Virginia and Truckee Railroad and transportation development in Nevada.

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Virginia and Truckee Railway Motor Car 22, also called McKeen Motor Car 70, is a gasoline-powered railcar at the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City in the U.S. state of Nevada. It was built for the Virginia and Truckee Railroad in 1910 by the McKeen Motor Car Company. Motor Car 22 was operated by the Virginia and Truckee until 1945, when it was sold off and became a diner until 1955. It eventually became the office and storage space for a plumbing business before it was donated to the Nevada State Railroad Museum in 1995. After a thorough study, the Museum undertook a restoration of the McKeen car in 1997. The restored motor car was unveiled in 2010, a century after it was originally delivered to the Virginia and Truckee. Motor Car 22 was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005, and designated a National Historic Landmark in 2012. It is one of a few surviving McKeen railcars, and the only one that is operational.

Virginia and Truckee 22 <i>Inyo</i> preserved American 4-4-0 locomotive

The Inyo, a 4-4-0 "American", was built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1875, and pulled both passenger and freight trains. The Inyo weighs 68,000 lb (31,000 kg). Its 57 in (140 cm) driving wheels deliver 11,920 lb (5,410 kg) of tractive force. In 1877 it was fitted with air brakes, and in 1910 it was converted to burn oil rather than wood.

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