Nobody Special

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Nobody Special
Also known asNS
Origin Orange County, California
Genres Christian punk, [1] hardcore punk [2]
Years active1986–1990, 1996–1997, 2011–present
Labels Alarma/Frontline, Broken
  • Pat Nobody
  • Frank Wesolek (aka "Frank Black")
  • Rod Reasner
  • Dave Schad
Past members

Nobody Special was a Christian punk band formed in 1986, in Orange County, California. It consisted of recordings by Pat Nobody and studio musicians Gene Eugene, Joey Mitchell, Chris Brigandi and Joey Taylor. [3] [4] The band disbanded in 1990, reunited in 1996 and disbanded again in 1997. They reunited again in 2011, with the lineup of Pat Nobody, Frank Black, Rod Reasner and Dave Schad.




Former [5]

Studio musicians on first recording [3]


Studio albums

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