Off the Record (Neil Innes album)

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Off the Record
Studio album by
Neil Innes
Released1982 (UK)
RecordedThe Workhouse Recording Studios
Genre Pop/rock
Label MMC Records
Producer Neil Innes & Steve James
Neil Innes chronology
The Innes Book of Records
Off the Record

Off The Record is the fourth solo album by Neil Innes and was released in 1982 featuring songs from the second and third BBC television series of The Innes Book of Records .


Track listing

All tracks written by Neil Innes

Side one

  1. "Libido" - 3:27
  2. "City of the Angels" - 3:13
  3. "Them" - 3:22
  4. "Time to Kill" - 2:46
  5. "Rock of Ages" - 3:22

Side two

  1. "One Thing On Your Mind" - 4:38
  2. "The Worm and the Angel" - 2:39
  3. "Not Getting Any Younger" - 4:08
  4. "Take Away" - 3:29
  5. "Happy Ending" - 2:28

Side three

  1. "Stoned on Rock" - 2:54
  2. "Knicker Elastic King" - 2:39
  3. "Spaghetti Western" - 4:11
  4. "Mr. Eurovision" - 1:57
  5. "Ungawa" - 3:56

Side four

  1. "Godfrey Daniel" - 2:54
  2. "Fortune Teller" - 3:00
  3. "Mother" - 3:06
  4. "Burlesque" - 2:47
  5. "Down That Road" - 3:22


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