Oh Dae-gyu

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Oh Dae-gyu
Born (1967-05-13) May 13, 1967 (age 54)
Education Chung-Ang University – theater and film
Korea University Graduate Schoolmaster's degree in journalism
Occupation Actor
Years active1988–present
Korean name
Revised Romanization O Dae-gyu
McCune–Reischauer O Tae-kyu

Oh Dae-gyu (born May 13, 1967) is a South Korean actor. [1] [2] He appears in television dramas, notably First Wives' Club (2007), Three Brothers (2009), and War of the Roses (2011). [3] [4] [5] [6]


He has been called the "South Korean Mark Ruffalo".


Television series

1988SandcastleKim Dong-hyun MBC
1989The Region of CalmLee Kang-seok KBS2
1991Door of SolitudeJoon-soo SBS
1992Rose GardenSBS
Love Without FearNam Ki-wooSBS
1993Theme Series
"Father, 어느날 갑자기"
The Faraway Ssongba RiverCorporal GuSBS
1994Scent of LoveMin-guSBS
The Woman in the MatchboxHee-joonSBS
1995ConfessionKim Chang-sooSBS
Their Own SantaSBS
Inside the Mysterious MirrorLee Hyun-seokSBS
Do You Remember Love?Min-jaeMBC
1996Wealthy Yu-chunJung Ji-seokSBS
ThiefJang Hyung-joSBS
Splendid HolidayDetective Jo Yong-hyunMBC
1997Into the StormChoi Gi-chulKBS2
Woman Next DoorLee Eung-sikSBS
Beautiful CrimeByeong-gyuSBS
1998The EldestMBC
Who Are You?Dong Jae-gyuSBS
2000Medical CenterResident Jang Se-jinSBS
2001CoolPark Hyun-jaeKBS2
Third CoincidenceWoo Seung-jaeMBC
SBS TV 문학상 당선작
"Summer Story"
2002Man of the Sun, Lee Je-maJang Sang-wookKBS2
Sunrise HouseKang Joon-taeSBS
2003HDTV Literature
"The Fragrant Well"
Seo Kyung-hoonKBS2
2004 Sunlight Pours Down Oh Dal-jaeSBS
Little WomenOh Geon-taeSBS
2005Love Needs a MiracleJin Jung-sooSBS
2006I'll Go with YouJung-wanSBS
Love and HatePark Jae-hyukSBS
2007 First Wives' Club Lee Ki-jeokSBS
2009 Temptation of an Angel Fake Shin Hyun-woo
(cameo, episode 15)
Three Brothers Kim Hyun-chalKBS2
2011War of the RosesPark Dae-sungSBS
Living in Style Shin Ki-hanSBS
2012 Five Fingers Hong Soo-pyoSBS
2013 Princess Aurora Oh Soo-sungMBC
Passionate Love Yoo Min-sooSBS
2015 Make a Woman Cry Kang Jin-myungMBC


2005 Daddy-Long-Legs Doctor (cameo)

Musical theatre

1990I'll Go and Come Back Safely

Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryNominated workResult
1993 SBS Drama Awards Best New ActorThe Faraway Ssongba RiverWon
2007 SBS Drama Awards Best Supporting Actor in a Serial DramaLove and Hate, First Wives' Club Won
2011 SBS Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Weekend/Daily DramaWar of the RosesNominated
2018 SBS Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Daily and Weekend Drama Happy Sisters Nominated

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