On Top of the World (film)

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On Top of the World is a 1936 British comedy film directed by Redd Davis and starring Betty Fields, Frank Pettingell and Leslie Bradley.


After her dog wins at the racetrack, a Lancashire mill worker (Fields) uses the winnings to start a soup kitchen for displaced workers during an industrial dispute, and then mediates between management and labour.

The film was reissued several times. [1] The Monthly Film Bulletin called the story "very naive" and said it presented "an atmosphere of snobbery." [1] Other reviews ignored the political messages and stated "through the wit and sympathy of a woman is harmony and prosperity restored." [1]

The film had originally been intended as a vehicle for Field's sister, Gracie Fields. [2] [3] The censor's approved the submitted concept stating "the dog racing part seems very improbably but no doubt Miss Gracie Fields will get away with it." [2]


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Betty Fields, born in Rochdale, Lancashire, was a British actress. She was the sister of Gracie Fields. In 1936 she starred in the lead of On Top of the World in a role originally intended for her sister.

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