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Pacific Journal of Mathematics 
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Pac. J. Math.
Pacific J. Math.
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The Pacific Journal of Mathematics (ISSN 0030-8730) is a mathematics research journal supported by a number of American, Asian and Australian universities and research institutes, and currently published on their behalf by Mathematical Sciences Publishers, a non-profit academic publishing organisation.

Mathematical Sciences Publishers is a nonprofit publishing company run by and for mathematicians. It publishes several journals and the book series Geometry & Topology Monographs. It is run from a central office in the Department of Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley.

It was founded in 1951 by František Wolf and Edwin F. Beckenbach and has been published continuously since, with five two-issue volumes per year. Full-text PDF versions of all journal articles are available on-line via the journal's website with a subscription.

František Wolf Czech mathematician

František Wolf (1904–1989) was a Czech mathematician known for his contributions to trigonometry and mathematical analysis, specifically the study of the perturbation of linear operators.

Edwin F. Beckenbach American mathematician

Edwin Ford Beckenbach was an American mathematician.

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