Point Potrero Pond

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Potrero Hills Pond
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Potrero Hills Pond
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Potrero Hills Pond
Location Point Molate, Richmond, California
Coordinates 37°56′03″N122°24′09″W / 37.934298°N 122.402523°W / 37.934298; -122.402523 Coordinates: 37°56′03″N122°24′09″W / 37.934298°N 122.402523°W / 37.934298; -122.402523
Primary inflows unnamed spring
Basin  countriesUnited States

Potrero Hills Pond is a small lake in Richmond, California. It was formed from quarrying of hills near Potrero Hills at the Blake Brothers Quarry. [1] It is fed by underground springs. It is now polluted and surrounded by a Chevron Richmond Refinery tank farm.

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Potrero Point Industrial site in San Francisco

Potrero Point in San Francisco, California, is the location of the earliest and most important industrial facilities in the Western United States on the eastern extension of San Francisco's Potrero Hill, a natural land mass extending into San Francisco Bay south of Mission Bay. Potrero Point, the point of Potrero Hill, was systematically blasted and cut, its serpentine cliffs removed. The work yielded two square miles of rock for fill and hundreds of acres of flat industrial land east of Illinois Street between 20th Street and Islais Creek.

Potrero Hill Neighborhood in San Francisco, California, United States

Potrero Hill is a residential neighborhood in San Francisco, California. It is known for its views of the San Francisco Bay and city skyline, its proximity to many destination spots, its sunny weather, and having two freeways and a Caltrain station.

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Dogpatch is a neighborhood in San Francisco, California, roughly half industrial and half residential. It was initially a working-class neighborhood, but has experienced rapid gentrification since the 1990s. Now it boasts similar demographics to its neighboring Potrero Hill – an upper middle-class working professional neighborhood.

Richmond Annex or The Annex is a neighborhood in southeastern Richmond, California. It is mostly residential and located between San Pablo Avenue/El Cerrito to the east, San Francisco Bay to the west, Central Avenue/Cerrito Creek/Albany Hill/Albany/Alameda County to the south, and Potrero Avenue/Pullman to the north. Carlson Boulevard is the main thoroughfare through the annex, connecting downtown Richmond with downtown El Cerrito.

Point Isabel is a small promontory on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay in the Richmond Annex neighborhood of Richmond, USA. It can be reached at the west terminus of Central Ave. from Richmond / El Cerrito.

Francisco de Haro American mayor

Francisco de Haro was the first Alcalde (mayor) of Yerba Buena in Mexican Alta California.

Point San Pablo Harbor human settlement in Richmond, California, United States of America

Point San Pablo Harbor is a marina and small community at the far end of Point San Pablo in San Pablo Bay, within Richmond, in Contra Costa County, California. It is located at 1900 Stenmark Drive, Richmond CA 94801.

Point Potrero cape in California, United States of America

Point Potrero is a point in San Pablo Bay forming a cape and hugging the Potrero Hills in Richmond, California.

San Pablo Peninsula is a peninsula in western Richmond, between San Pablo Bay and San Rafael Bay, in southwestern Contra Costa County, California.

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Miller/Knox Lagoon

Miller/Knox Lagoon is a lake in Richmond, California.

William Rheem American businessman

William S. Rheem, a.k.a. W.S. Rheem, was an important civic figure in the politics of early Richmond, California in addition to being president of the Standard Oil Company of California from 1917 until his death.

Brickyard Cove Pond lake in United States of America

Brickyard Cove Pond is a small lake in the Brickyard Cove District of Richmond, California. It was formed from quarrying of Nicholl's Knob the surrounding hill. It is fed by Brickyard Springs, a series of underground springs. Before the early 19th Century it was a swimming pond for local boys who often went skinny dipping at the lake. However this ceased when local cattle ranchers began dumping manure in the pond.

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Potrero Hills (Richmond, California) Escarpment located in Northern California

The Potrero Hills also known as the Potrero Ridge and Point Molate Hills is a chaparral and forested escarpment that crests northwest to southeast along the San Pablo Peninsula in Richmond, California.

Potrero Hills may refer to:

The San Pablo Fault is a fault in northern California. It is an offshoot of the Hayward Fault. It formed the Potrero Hills in Richmond, California.

Sherwood Dam Dam in Ventura County, California

Sherwood Dam, known also as Lake Sherwood Dam, Alturas Dam, and Potrero Dam, is a 270-foot-long (82 m) concrete arch dam in the Santa Monica Mountains near Thousand Oaks, California. Completed in 1904, its construction led to the creation of the 165-acre (67 ha) Potrero Lake over the following winter. It was the first reservoir of its size in the area, and remains one of the oldest standing dams in California.

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