Prairie Hockey League

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Prairie Hockey League
Sport Ice hockey
FoundedFebruary 1926
Inaugural season1926
CommissionerWalter E. Seaborn
No. of teams5
Most titles Calgary Tigers
Saskatoon Sheiks
1 each

The Prairie Hockey League (PHL) was a Canadian professional ice hockey league in Alberta and Saskatchewan that was created following the demise of the Western Hockey League in 1926. It operated for two seasons.

The creation of the league was announced in February 1926, with teams in Regina, Moose Jaw, Brandon, and Winnipeg. By the time the first season began, Brandon and Winnipeg had dropped out. Five WHL teams—the Calgary Tigers, Edmonton Eskimos, Saskatoon Sheiks, Regina Capitals, and the Moose Jaw Warriors—played in the league's first season. Leading the PHL was president Walter E. Seaborn of Moose Jaw. In the first season, the Calgary Tigers were declared the league champions when the Saskatoon Sheiks refused to continue their playoff series after complaining about the officiating in the first game. The Tigers won the game 2-1. The Tigers played the Winnipeg Maroons of the American Hockey Association for the Merchants Casualty Cup, presented to the top professional team in the west. During the season, there had been rumours that games in the PHL had been fixed,[ citation needed ] but Seaborn believed the league had the confidence of the public by the end of the year.

At a meeting in May 1927, Seaborn said that he expected all five teams to return for the next season, and that the league might expand into Brandon, Manitoba. But, as it turned out, Calgary and Edmonton dropped out after one year and no new team was admitted to the league. The Moose Jaw team was renamed the Moose Jaw Maroons


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Western Hockey League Sports league

The Western Hockey League (WHL) is a major junior ice hockey league based in Western Canada and the Northwestern United States. The WHL is one of three leagues that constitutes the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) as the highest level of junior hockey in Canada. Teams play for the Ed Chynoweth Cup, with the winner moving on to play for the Memorial Cup, Canada's national junior championship. WHL teams have won the Memorial Cup 19 times since the league became eligible to compete for the trophy. Many players have been drafted from WHL teams, and have found success at various levels of professional hockey, including the National Hockey League (NHL).

Edmonton Eskimos (ice hockey)

The Edmonton Eskimos were a Canadian amateur and later professional men's ice hockey team that existed from 1911 to 1927. After playing in senior hockey in the Alberta-based Big-4 League, the Eskimos joined the Western Canada Hockey League (WCHL) for the inaugural 1921–22 WCHL season, and played for the Stanley Cup against the Ottawa Senators in 1923, as the WCHL Champions. Team alumni include Hockey Hall of Fame members Eddie Shore, Duke Keats and Bullet Joe Simpson.

The Western Canada Hockey League (WCHL), founded in 1921, was a major professional ice hockey league originally based in the prairies of Canada. It was renamed the Western Hockey League (WHL) in 1925 and disbanded in 1926.

The Western Canada Senior Hockey League was a senior ice hockey league that played six seasons in Alberta and Saskatchewan, from 1945 to 1951. The league produced the 1946 Allan Cup and the 1948 Allan Cup champions, and merged into the Pacific Coast Hockey League for the 1951–52 season.

Calgary Tigers

The Calgary Tigers, often nicknamed the Bengals, were an ice hockey team based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada from 1920 until 1927 as members of the Big-4 League, Western Canada Hockey League and Prairie Hockey League. The Tigers were revived in 1932, playing for a short-lived four years in the North Western Hockey League. They played their games at the Victoria Arena.

Rusty Crawford Canadian ice hockey player

Samuel Russell Crawford was a Canadian professional ice hockey forward who played for the Quebec Bulldogs of the National Hockey Association (NHA), Ottawa Senators and Toronto Arenas of the National Hockey League (NHL) and Saskatoon Crescents, Calgary Tigers and Vancouver Maroons of the Western Canada Hockey League (WCHL). He was a two-time Stanley Cup champion, winning the trophy with the Bulldogs in 1913 and the Arenas in 1918. Crawford was one of the sport's early stars and appeared in 258 games in the three major leagues, scoring 110 goals. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1963.

Barney Stanley

Russell "Barney" Stanley was a Canadian professional ice hockey forward who played for the Vancouver Millionaires of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA) and the Calgary Tigers, Regina Capitals and Edmonton Eskimos of the Western Canada Hockey League (WCHL). He was the second head coach of the Chicago Black Hawks of the National Hockey League (NHL), appearing as a player in one game for the team. He won the Stanley Cup with the Millionaires in 1915 and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1963.

The 1921–22 WCHL season was the first season for the now defunct Western Canada Hockey League. Four teams played 24 games each. The Regina Capitals defeated the regular-season champion Edmonton Eskimos in a two-game total-goals series to win the inaugural league championship.

The 1925–26 WHL season was the fifth and last season for the now defunct Western Canada Hockey League (WCHL), which was renamed Western Hockey League (WHL) at the start of the season due to one of its Canadian teams, the Regina Capitals, moving to Portland, Oregon in the United States and being renamed the Portland Rosebuds. Six teams played 30 games each. At season's end, some of the teams reorganised to create a semi-pro league called the Prairie Hockey League that lasted for two seasons. The WHL was the last league other than the National Hockey League to contest for the Stanley Cup.

The 1927–28 season was the second and last season of the Prairie Hockey League (PHL). Two of the league's three remaining teams played 26 games while the third team played 28.

Saskatoon Sheiks Canadian professional ice hockey team

The Saskatoon Sheiks/Saskatoon Crescents were a professional ice hockey team in the Western Canada Hockey League (WCHL) and Prairie Hockey League (PrHL) from 1921 to 1928. The team played their home games at the Crescent Arena in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The 1967–68 WCHL season was the second season of the Western Canada Hockey League. The WCHL adopted its new name after being known as the Canadian Major Junior Hockey League in its first season. Eleven teams completed a 60 game season, with the Estevan Bruins winning the President's Cup.

This is a timeline of events throughout the 40-year history of the Western Hockey League

Wilf Loughlin Canadian ice hockey player

John Wilfred Loughlin was a Canadian ice hockey player who played one season in the National Hockey League for the Toronto St. Patricks. Loughlin appeared in 14 games during the 1923–24 season. He also played five seasons in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association, and two in the Western Canada Hockey League between 1919 and 1926, retiring in 1927.

Emory Sparrow Canadian ice hockey player

William Emery Sparrow was a Canadian professional ice hockey forward who played one season in the National Hockey League for the Boston Bruins. He also played with the Regina Capitals, Edmonton Eskimos and Calgary Tigers in the Western Canada Hockey League. As a professional player, he spelled his name Emory, and was commonly known by the nickname Spunk Sparrow.

The Moose Jaw Maroons were a minor-league ice hockey team in the Prairie Hockey League. Based in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, they existed from 1926–28. In 1926–27, the team was known as the Moose Jaw Warriors before changing its name to the Maroons.

The Western Canada Hockey League was an ice hockey minor league with teams from western Canada that existed for one hockey season, 1932 to 1933. The next year, with the addition of two American franchises along with another Canadian one, the league was reformed as the North West Hockey League.

The Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League (SSHL) was a senior amateur ice hockey league that operated in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan on-and-off from 1938-1971.

Henry Harris (ice hockey) Canadian ice hockey player

Henry Hiram "Smoky" Harris was a Canadian professional ice hockey player. Harris played in the Prairie Hockey League (PHL), Pacific Coast Hockey League (PCHL) and the National Hockey League (NHL). Harris played 32 games for the Boston Bruins during the 1930–31 season, which had several years earlier employed his brother Smokey. He was born in Kenora, Ontario.