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Venkataraju [1]

2 December 1927 [2]
Died26 August 2004 (aged 77) [3] [4]
Mysore, India
Nationality Indian
  • Film actor
  • drama/theater artist
  • drama script writer
Spouse(s)Vimalamma [3]
Children3 [3]

Venkataraju known by his professional name Rajanand (1927-2004), was an Indian film actor in the Kannada film industry. Some of the notable films of Rajanand as an actor include Operation Diamond Racket (1978), Mayura (1975), and Eradu Kanasu (1974). [5] [6] [7] [8]



Rajanand contributed to more than 318 Kannada films as an actor, and he directed 350 drama/theater plays. [3] [9] He had written thousands of Vachanas [1] and around 3,000 poems and 9,000 Kavanas . [2] Rajanand completed a 480 feet length dialogue in one take in his debut film Dhana Pishachi (1967).

Rajanand started the Ranga Vaibhava theatre group in 1965. [2]

Selected filmography


Personal life

Rajanand actively participated in theatre/drama plays at the age of 10 and received training from drama groups like Kalkoti, Samaja Vikasana, Kamala Kala, and from drama artists Sorat Ashwath, Master Hirannaiah, Yoganarasimha and A.S.Seshachar. Rajanand worked in drama companies like Gubbi Veeranna drama company, and Master Hirannaiah's drama company. [1] [2] He was named 'Rajanand' (meaning: King pleasure), during his time in Gubbi Veeranna drama company. [1]

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