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Rex the Runt
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The main characters.
(Left to right) Vince, Wendy, Bad Bob and Rex
Genre Live action
Stop motion animation
Clay animation
Created by Richard Goleszowski
Developed byAardman Animations
Written byRichard Goleszowski
Alan Gilbey
Kevin Wrench
Andrew Franks
David Max Freedman
Andrew Viner
Peter Holmes
Ben Caudell
Directed byRichard Goleszowski
Dan Capozzi
Peter Peake
Christopher Sadler
Sam Fell
Creative directorsPeter Holmes
Richard Goleszowski
Voices of Andrew Franks
Colin Rote
Kevin Wrench
Andy Jeffers
Elisabeth Hadley
Paul Merton
Steve Box
Arthur Smith Sean Connolly Doug Wort Beverley Cressman
Theme music composerKevin Wrench
Andrew Franks
Opening theme"Rex the Runt"
by Kevin Wrench
Andrew Franks
Ending theme"Rex the Runt"
by Kevin Wrench
Andrew Franks
ComposersStuart Gordon
Ben Jones
Country of originUnited Kingdom United States
Original languageEnglish
No. of series2
No. of episodes26
3 (pilots)
Executive producersExecutive Producers for Aardman:
Michael Rose
Peter Lord
David Sproxton
Executive Producer for BBC:
Colin Rose
Executive Producers for Egmont Imagination:
Paul Kofod
Tom Van Waveren
Mikael Shields
Steve Walsh
Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack
ProducersMichael Rose
Jacqueline White
Production location England
CinematographyFrank Passingham
Fred Reed
EditorsBen Jones
James Mather
Running time10 minutes
Production companies Aardman Animations
BBC Bristol
Egmont Imagination
EVA Entertainment
DistributorAardman Animations
Original network BBC Two UK Techtv USA
Picture formatSeason 1 4:3 Season 2 16:9
Audio format Dolby Surround
Original release21 December 1998 (1998-12-21) 
16 December 2001 (2001-12-16)
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Rex the Runt is a British live action stop motion animated claymation pixilation comedy series, primarily consisting of a television show and two short films produced by Aardman Animations for BBC Bristol in association with EVA Entertainment and Egmont Imagination. Its main characters are four plasticine dogs: Rex, Wendy, Bad Bob and Vince.


Rex was first introduced as a minor character in Ident (1989), a short film directed by Richard Goleszowski for the Lip Synch series. [1] During the seven years of development of the characters, Goleszowski produced three pilots, subtitled How Dinosaurs Became Extinct (1991), Dreams (1991) and North by North Pole (1996). [1] [2] [3]

Thirteen ten-minute episodes of the series aired over two weeks on BBC2 from December 1998. [4] A second thirteen episode series aired from September 2001 on the same channel. As well as the core cast guest voices included Paul Merton, Morwenna Banks, Judith Chalmers, Antoine de Caunes, Bob Holness, Simon Day, Bob Monkhouse, Jonathan Ross, Graham Norton, Arthur Smith, June Whitfield, Kathy Burke, Pam Ayres and Eddie Izzard.

The animation is unusual in that the models are almost two-dimensional and are animated to exaggerate this - they are flattened in appearance and animated on a sheet of glass with the backgrounds behind the sheet. In 2021, Peter Lord said AardBoiled's uploading Rex the Runt Season's 1 and 2 and Compilation's




Many one-off and recurring characters in Rex The Runt are voiced by various well-known UK celebrities. These include:

References to other Aardman productions

Several episodes of Rex the Runt contain inside references to other projects created by Aardman Animations:

Episode list

Series 1 (1998 – 1999)

1Holiday in VinceThe Runts try to cure Vince of his Random Pavarotti Disease (a Tourette syndrome-like singing of phrases of opera) by miniaturising a submarine to go on a journey through Vince's brain.21 December 1998
2The Adventures on the Telly, Part IAfter their television getting broken, the Telly Man wants them to cover for him while he is fixing the family's TV. First, they need to find money to start their adventure, which causes Bad Bob to accidentally Rob a bank.23 December 1998
3The Adventures on the Telly, Part IIThe family is short of money again, and lend themselves to Dr. Dogg's animal experiments. NOTE: This episode is an expanded version of the pilot "North by North Pole".24 December 1998
4The Adventures on the Telly, Part IIIAfter accidentally destroying the Earth, the Runts head towards a black hole.25 December 1998
5Bob's International Hiccup CentreBob loses his comic timing, so he turns to medicine.31 December 1998
6Easter IslandThe Runts' helicopter crash lands on Easter Island, where they meet visiting aliens who resemble the local statues.22 December 1998
7Too Many DogsAfter Rex's house is stolen, the Runts go back in time to recover it, and meet parallel versions of themselves.22 December 1998
8The Trials of WendyWendy is arrested after shooting Vince. After she is proven not guilty, she starts to make a name for herself, causing Rex the Runt to get cancelled by the Telly.27 December 1998
9Stinky's Search for a StarThe Runts enter a talent contest hoping to win enough money to pay the gas bill.21 December 1998
10Under the DuvetThe Runts visit the University of Love under their bed, while Vince falls in love with a vacuum cleaner.30 December 1998
11Johnny Saveloy's UndoingWendy joins Johnny Saveloy's following.31 December 1998
12The City ShrinkersThe Runts win Birmingham in the lottery. After shrinking it with their shrinking gun, Bad Bob and Wendy go on a city-shrinking craze.23 December 1998
13CarbonaraRex is accidentally run through a sausage mincer, and must avoid the attentions of a hungry Vince.1 January 1999

Series 2 (2001)

Series 2 was aired between 23 September 2001 to 16 December 2001 (Excluding 2 December) on late nights, afterwords, each episode that air on the next Sunday, after CBBC on BBC 2, episode 11 however it was aired on BBC 2,

1Mouse in Me KitchenUpon returning home, Rex finds that his kitchen has been occupied by a mouse.23 September 2001 [REPEAT] 30 September 2001
2Wendy's Hot DateWendy gets a date with a handsome dog, who is also called Rex.30 September 2001 [repeat] 7 October 2001
3PatioThe garden ants object when the Runts lay down a patio.7 October 2001 [repeat] 14 October 2001
4A Crap Day OutA new garden centre is opening, and Bad Bob needs a new shed.14 October 2001 [repeat] 21 October 2001
5Slim BobBad Bob consults Dr. Dogg about weight loss.21 October 2001 [repeat] 28 October 2001
6Private WendyVince, Wendy, Rex and Bob join the army.28 October 2001 [repeat] 4 November 2001
7Rocket RaymondThe inhabitants of a distant planet believe that Rex is their hero, Rocket Raymond.4 November 2001 [repeat] 11 November 2001
8The Plasticene GeneDr. Dogg cons Rex out of his ear, and later clones Vince.11 November 2001 [repeat] 18 November 2001
9Wendy's New HairdoWendy gets a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for her truth drug.18 November 2001 [repeat] 25 November 2001
10Wayne the ZebraWith Rex on holiday, Bob is left in charge of a production involving "The Beast of Crannock Moor", but can his choice for the star character, Wayne the Zebra, fulfil expectations?25 November 2001 [repeat] 2 December 2001
11The Art of CookingBad Bob steals Rex's food creations and enters them in an art exhibition.2 December 2001 [repeat] 9th December 2001
12Bob Joins a GangBad Bob joins a not-so-bad gang.9 December 2001 [repeat] 16 December 2001
13Hole in the GardenBad Bob's lawn mower crashes through the garden and lands in Australia.16 December 2001


Main cast

Guest stars

These include:


Underdog is an advertising character, first appearing in 2010, animated by Aardman Animations, in the same style as the Rex the Runt figures, but wearing bandages, promoting the personal injury claims company National Accident Helpline. [5] [6]

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