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Rock Action Records is a Scottish, Glasgow-based independent record label, founded and maintained by Scottish post-rock band Mogwai. [1] The label has showcased such diverse talents as Part Chimp, Errors, Chris Brokaw, Trout, The James Orr Complex and Kling Klang, has licensed music for UK release from Torche, Envy, Afrirampo and Growing, and in the past represented Papa M and The Zephyrs. As of 2010, Mogwai have released their own records on the label in the UK and Europe.


Artist roster

Artists signed to Rock Action include:


rockact01 - Mogwai - "Tuner/Lower" 7"
rockact02 - Pilotcan - "Rusty Barker Learns to Fly" 7"
rockact03 - Trout - "Three Wise Men" 7"
rockact04 - Pilotcan - "Five Minutes on a Tuesday Night" 7"
rockact05 - Mogwai - Ten Rapid
rockact06 - The Zephyrs - Stargazer EP
rockact07 - Papa M - Papa M Sings
rockact08 - The James Orr Complex - Figa EP
rockact09 - Random Number - Fact That I Did EP
rockact10 - Mogwai - "My Father, My King"
rockact11 - Cex - Oops, I Did It Again
rockact12 - Part Chimp - Chart Pimp
rockact13 - Kling Klang - Superposition EP
rockact14 - Envy - A Dead Sinking Story
rockact15 - James Orr Complex - Chori's Bundle
rockact16 - Rock Action Records Presents Vol. 1
rockact17 - Part Chimp - Bring Back The Sound
rockact18 - Envy - All The Footprints...
rockact19 - Errors - "Hans Herman" 7"
rockact20 - Part Chimp - I Am Come
rockact21 - Kling Klang - Esthetik of Destruction
rockact22 - Part Chimp - War Machine
rockact23 - Errors - How Clean Is Your Acid House
rockact24 - Chris Brokaw - Incredible Love
rockact25 - Part Chimp - New Cross
rockact27 - Part Chimp/Lords/Todd/Hey Colossus 10"
rockact28 - Envy - Insomniac Doze
rockact29 - Growing - Color Wheel
rockact30 - Torche - Torche
rockact31 - Errors - Salut! France
rockact32 - Trout - EP 7"
rockact33 - Torche - In Return
rockact34 - Envy - Abyssal
rockact35 - Errors - "Toes"
rockact36 - Errors - It's Not Something But It Is Like Whatever
rockact37 - Rock Action Sampler Spring 2008
rockact38 - DeSalvo - Mood Poisoner
rockact39 - Envy - Transfovista DVD
rockact40 - James Orr Complex - Com Favo
rockact41 - Errors - "Pump" 7"
rockact42 - Remember Remember - s/t
rockact43 - Mogwai/Fuck Buttons - "Tour Single" 7"
rockact44 - Part Chimp -Trad EP
rockact45 - Part Chimp - Thriller
rockact46 - Remember Remember - "The Dancing" 7"
rockact47 - Errors - Come Down With Me
rockact48 - Mogwai - Special Moves
rockact49 - Errors - "A Rumour in Africa"
rockact50 - Errors - Celebrity Come Down With Me
rockact51 - Afrirampo - We are Ucho No Ko
rockact52 - Remember Remember - RR Scorpii EP
rockact53 - Envy - Recitation
rockact54 - Mogwai - "Mexican Grand Prix" 7"
rockact55 - Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
rockact56 - Errors - "Magna Encarta" 7"
rockact57 - Mogwai - "San Pedro" 7"
rockact58 - Blanck Mass - s/t
rockact59 - Mogwai - Earth Division EP rasc001 - DeSalvo - singles club 7"

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"Tracy" is a song on the Scottish post-rock band Mogwai's 1997 debut album, Mogwai Young Team. The song was written by the band's guitarists Stuart Braithwaite and John Cummings and bassist Dominic Aitchison prior to the 1997 Mogwai Young Team recording sessions.

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The discography of Scottish rock band The Twilight Sad consists of five studio albums, four compilation albums, fifteen singles, and five extended plays (EPs). The band currently consists of James Graham, Andy MacFarlane, Johnny Docherty (bass), Brendan Smith (keyboards) and Sebastien Schultz (drums). The Kilsyth-based band formed in 2003 and were signed to Fat Cat Records when Alex Knight, co-founder of the label, went to Glasgow to watch the band perform their third gig and signed them on the spot. The band released their debut EP The Twilight Sad in November 2006 in the United States only, followed by their debut album Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters in April 2007, which garnered widespread critical acclaim. The album spawned two singles, "That Summer, at Home I Had Become the Invisible Boy" in April, and "And She Would Darken the Memory" in July. The following year, the band released Here, It Never Snowed. Afterwards It Did, a mini-album of reworked versions of songs from Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters and two non-album tracks, inspired by stripped-down live performances. A collection of live versions and previously unreleased tracks entitled Killed My Parents and Hit the Road was released in December 2008. The Twilight Sad's second studio album, Forget the Night Ahead, was released in September 2009 to further acclaim and marked a shift in the band's direction towards a darker and more streamlined sound. The album produced three singles: "I Became a Prostitute" in August 2009, "Seven Years of Letters" in October 2009, and "The Room" in April 2010. Founding bassist Craig Orzel left the band in February 2010, and the band released The Wrong Car EP in September of that year.

Sacred Paws is a Scottish rock band, comprising Rachel Aggs and Eilidh Rodgers, who met as members of the band Golden Grrrls. Their debut album Strike a Match won the 2017 Scottish Album of the Year Award.

<i>As the Love Continues</i> 2021 studio album by Mogwai

As the Love Continues is the tenth studio album by Scottish post-rock band Mogwai, released on 19 February 2021 on Rock Action Records in the UK and Europe, and on Temporary Residence Limited in the US. Its UK release date marked the 25th anniversary of Mogwai's first single, "Tuner/Lower". It was preceded by the single "Dry Fantasy", and the streaming of a live concert of the album played in full.


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