Rod Mullinar

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Rod Mullinar
Born1942 (age 7879)
Height1.87 m (6 ft 1+12 in)
Spouse(s)first wife: Liz Mullinar (approx. 2 yrs);
second wife: Penny Ramsey-Mullinar (dec. 2009)

Rodney Mullinar (born 1942) is a British Australian actor, noted for his roles on Australian television. He emigrated to Australia with his first wife, casting agent Liz Mullinar in 1969.



Mullinar took the leading role in Australian espionage drama Hunter late in the show's run in 1968, however he appeared in just eight episodes due to the cancellation of the series. He subsequently played the title role in television series Ryan (1973). His first wife was casting agent Liz Mullinar and his second wife was actress Penny Ramsey, daughter of actress Lois Ramsey.

Other credits include: Cop Shop , Bellbird , Homicide , Division 4 , Matlock Police , Against the Wind , Breaker Morant , Prisoner , Five Mile Creek , All Saints , Stingers , Joanne Lees: Murder in the Outback , Reef Doctors, The Lost World, and The Doctor Blake Mysteries .


Contrabandits (TV series)1967unknown
The Adventures (TV series)1968 ?
Hunter (TV series)1968/1969Gil Martin/Ted Cook
It Takes All Kinds1969Policeman
The Set (film)1970Tony Brown
Dynasty (TV series)1971Bob Campbell
Stockade1971Peter Lalor
Division 4 (TV series)1969-19725 character roles
Matlock Police (TV series)1971-19723 roles
-Jack Bowan
-Lou Carter
Over There (TV series)1972Tom Bowden
Boney (TV series)1972Frank Abbott
Homicide (TV series)1967-19748 roles
Rush (TV series)1974Jim Hill
Ryan (TV series)1973-1974Michael Ryan
The Wanderer1974 ?
Down the Wind1975Reg
Quality of Mercy (TV series)1975Charlie
Bellbird (TV series)1974-1975Scott Leighton (365 episodes)
Raw Deal1977Alex
Beyond Reasonable Doubt (TV miniseries documentary)1977Prosecutor
Young Ramsay (TV series)1977George
Bluey (TV series)1977Swanson
The Pajama Girl Case1978Inspector Morris
The Geeks (TV movie)1978Martin
Patrick1978Ed Jacquard
Run For the Morning (TV series)1978Spencer
Against the Wind (TV miniseries)1978John MacCarthur
Magee and the Lady (TV movie)1978Tom
Skyways (TV series)1979Geoff Blake
Taxi (TV movie)1979Leslie Armitage
Brea=ker Morant1980Major. Charles Bolton
Cop Shop (TV series)1978-19803 roles
Water Under the Bridge (TV miniseries)Don Brandywine
Prisoner (TV series)1979-1980David Austin/Wayne Travers
...Maybe This Time1980Jack
The Coming1981 ?
Dust for Four1982Ken Overland
Breakfast in Paris1982Michaels Barnes
Now and Forever1983Geoffrey Bates
For the Term of His Natural Life (TV miniseries)1983Lt. Maurice Frere
Eureka Stockade (TV miniseries)1984Vera
Five Mile Creek (TV series)1983-1985Jack Taylor
The Flying Doctors (TV series)1986Darcy Adams
The Surfer1987Hagan
Echoes of Paradise1987Terry
Walter Dixons Wombat (TV movie)1987Johnathon
Rafferty's Rules (TV series)1988Harry Bertie
The Fremantle Conspiracy (TV movie)1988 ?
Dead Calm1989Russell Bellows
Inside Running (TV series)1989 ?
Mission: Impossible (TV series)1989Conrad Drago
The Magistrate (TV mini-series)1989Ian Walters
The Humpty Dumpty Man1989Stewart Brax
Boney (TV series)1992Selby
Cluedo (TV series)Frederick Stokes
Newlyweds (TV series)1994Kirby Hacker
Halifax f.p. (TV series)1994Melvin Lazar
Simone de Beauvoir's Babies (TV miniseries)1997Mick
All Saints (TV series)1998Professor
Tales of the South Seas (TV miniseries)2000 ?
Muggers2000Marcus Browning
On the Beach (TV movie)2000Admiral Jack Cunnington
Shortland Street (TV series)2000Max Dubrovsky
Curse of the Talisman (TV movie)2001Father Eccleston
Shock Jock (TV series)2001Basil Hannigan
BeastMaster (TV series)2001Chiuma
The Lost World (TV series)1999-2002)3 roles
MDA (TV series)2002Dr. Nathan Tate
Welcher & Welcher (TV miniseries)2003Toby
Stories from the Golf (TV series)2004Richard
Stingers (TV series)2004Colin Burns
Joanne Lees: Murder in the Outback (TV movie)2007Judge
City Homicide (TV series)2008Olivier Braxton
Very Small Business (TV series)Dick Denyer
Satisfaction (TV series)2008-2009)Jimmy Buraston
Rush (TV series)2009Gavin
Killing Time (TV miniseries)Judge Hart
Dogstar (TV series)2007-2011Chester
Lowdown (TV series)2012Additional Voices
Reef Doctors (TV miniseries)2013Sonny Ferrall
The Flamin' Thongs (TV. series)2014King Rerpsies
The Doctor Blake Mysteries (TV series)2015Jock Clement
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (TV series)2015Wilbur Littleton
Comedy Showroom: Bleak (TV movie)20156 ?
Dogstar Christmas in Space (TV movie)2016Commercial announcer
House Husbands (TV series)2017William Mitchell
Thats Not Me2017Summer Street "Len"
True Story with Hamish and Andy2017-2018Narrator
Utopia (TV series)2019Voice
Secret Bridesmaids' Business (TV miniseries)2019
Bloom (TV series)2019-2020Tommy Brydon

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