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Roger Spottiswoode
John Roger Spottiswoode

(1945-01-05) 5 January 1945 (age 78)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [1]
  • Canadian
  • British
Occupation(s) Film director
Film editor
Years active1966-present
Organization(s) Directors Guild of America
Directors Guild of Canada
(m. 1983;div. 1997)

John Roger Spottiswoode [2] (born 5 January 1945) is a Canadian-British director, editor and writer of film and television.


Early life

He was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and was raised in Britain. [3] His father Raymond Spottiswoode was a British film theoretician [4] who worked at the National Film Board of Canada during the 1940s, directing such short films such as Wings of a Continent .


In the 1960s, Spottiswoode entered the British film industry as a trainee editor where he apprenticed under editor John Bloom. In the early 1970s Spottiswoode edited several films for Sam Peckinpah. [5]

He wanted to direct and Walter Hill advised him the best way in was to write a script. Hill and Spottiswoode collaborated on the scripts for 48 Hours and the never-made The Last Gun. [6]

Spottiswoode turned to directing in the early 1980s and has since directed a number of notable films and television productions, including Under Fire (1983) [7] and the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies starring Pierce Brosnan. [8] Spottiswoode was a member of the writing team responsible for 48 Hrs. starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte. [9] In 2000, he directed the science fiction action thriller The 6th Day starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. [10]



1980 Terror Train [11]
1981 The Pursuit of D. B. Cooper Replaced director Buzz Kulik [12]
1983 Under Fire
1986 The Best of Times [13]
1988 Shoot to Kill [14]
1989 Turner & Hooch
1990 Air America [15]
1992 Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot [16]
1994 Mesmer [17]
1997 Tomorrow Never Dies
2000 The 6th Day
2003 Spinning Boris [18]
2005 Ripley Under Ground
2007 Shake Hands with the Devil [19]
2008 The Children of Huang Shi [20]
2012 Beyond Right and Wrong Documentary film
Co-directed with Lekha Singh
2014 The Journey Home Co-directed with Brando Quilici
2016 A Street Cat Named Bob
2021Either Side of Midnight

As editor

As writer


1982 The Renegades Episode "Pilot"

TV movies

Awards and nominations



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