Scotland women's national basketball team

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Joined FIBA 1947
FIBA zone FIBA Europe
National federation basketballscotland
Olympic Games
Appearances -
Medals -
Women's World Cup
Appearances -
Medals -
FIBA EuroBasket Women
Appearances 1 (1956)
Medals -
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The Scotland women's national basketball team represents the Scotland in international women's basketball competitions.



Olympic Games

1976-2016Did not qualify
Flag of Japan.svg 2020 To be determined
Total0 Titles0000

World Championship

1971-2014Did not qualify
Flag of Spain.svg 2018 To be determined
Total0 Titles0000


1950-1954Did not qualify
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg 1956 Preliminary round16th808
1956-2015Did not qualify
Total0 Titles1/33808

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British Basketball League sports league

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Scotland at the Commonwealth Games

Scotland is one of only six countries to have competed in every Commonwealth Games since the first Empire Games in 1930. The others are Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and Wales.


basketballscotland is the governing body of the sport of basketball in Scotland. The organisation manages national competitions and runs the Scotland national basketball team. They also have a cup final for all age groups of the course of a weekend during the early months of the year.

Basketball England

Basketball England is the governing body of the sport of basketball for England. The organisation operates the English Basketball League for both Men and Women, as well as the England national team. The organisation was also involved in the establishment of the Great Britain team in December 2005, along with its compatriots – Basketball Scotland and Basketball Wales.

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Basketball was first included in the Commonwealth Games in the 2006 games in Melbourne. Basketball will be a part of the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, again in Australia.

Wales national basketball team basketball team

The Welsh national basketball team is the basketball side that represents Wales in international competition. They are organised by Basketball Wales, the sport's governing body in Wales.

The City of Edinburgh Kings are a basketball team based in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. They compete in Division 1 of the Scottish Men's National League, the highest level in Scotland and the second highest in the United Kingdom, behind the professional British Basketball League (BBL).

Great Britain womens national basketball team womens national basketball team representing the UK

The Great Britain women's national basketball team is the national team for Great Britain in basketball. The current governing body for the Great Britain team was formed by the national basketball organisations of England, Scotland (basketballscotland) and Wales on 1 December 2005 in order to provide a competitive team for international competition. This structure does not include the basketball association of Northern Ireland; Northern Irish players normally represent the Ireland women's national basketball team, though they are also eligible to compete for Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the Olympic Games.

The English Women's Basketball League (EBL) is a women's basketball league in England, covering semi-professional and amateur levels of the game. This is effectively seen as the second tier of women's basketball in the United Kingdom, along with the less celebrated Scottish Women's National League.

Womens British Basketball League

The Women's British Basketball League (WBBL) is the top-level women's basketball league in the United Kingdom, founded on 5 June 2014 as the women's counterpart to the British Basketball League (BBL). The league's headquarters are in Leicester alongside the offices of the men's BBL.

Tayside Musketeers are a basketball club based in the city of Dundee, Scotland.

The Scottish Basketball Championships is the top women's basketball league in Scotland, and forms the second tier of British basketball after the professional setup of the WBBL, where Scotland has no representatives. The governing body of basketball in Scotland is basketballscotland.

Basketball at the 2018 Commonwealth Games

Basketball at the 2018 Commonwealth Games was held on the Gold Coast, Australia from April 5 to 15. The basketball competition was held at three venues: Cairns Convention Centre in Cairns, Townsville Entertainment and Convention Centre in Townsville for the preliminaries and the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on the Gold Coast for the finals. This was the second time that the basketball competition was held at the Commonwealth Games. A total of eight men's and eight women's teams from a total of eleven nations competed in each respective tournament.