Scott Reeder (bassist)

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Scott Reeder
BornMay 16, 1965
Barstow, California
Genres Desert rock, stoner rock, doom metal
Instruments Bass guitar
Years active1990-present
Associated actsAcross the River
The Obsessed
Sun and Sail Club
Fireball Ministry

Scott Reeder (born May 16, 1965) is best known as the former bass player of stoner rock bands Across the River, Kyuss and The Obsessed, as well as the current bass player for Fireball Ministry.

The bass guitar is a plucked string instrument similar in appearance and construction to an electric or an acoustic guitar, except with a longer neck and scale length, and typically four to six strings or courses.

Kyuss American band

Kyuss was an American rock band, formed in Palm Desert, California, in 1987 by Josh Homme (guitar), John Garcia (vocals), Brant Bjork (drums) and Chris Cockrell (bass). After releasing an EP under the name Sons of Kyuss in 1990, the band shortened its name to Kyuss and recruited Nick Oliveri, replacing Cockrell as bassist. Over the next five years the band released four full-length albums, and one last split EP in 1997 as Kyuss and the newly formed Queens of the Stone Age. This tied up the loose ends of Kyuss and introduced the new band Queens of the Stone Age, which was initially composed entirely of former Kyuss members.

The Obsessed is a heavy metal band from Maryland led by Scott "Wino" Weinrich which combines elements of doom metal, stoner rock and punk rock. Formed in 1980, they recorded a few demos and played a handful of live shows until they first split up in 1986 when Weinrich joined as lead vocalist for Saint Vitus, but reformed four years later. After releasing three albums, the Obsessed broke up for a second time in 1995. After briefly reuniting for some shows in 2012 and 2013, the Obsessed announced their third reunion in March 2016.



Scott Reeder was born in Barstow, California, and is sometimes confused with Fu Manchu drummer Scott Reeder, who also comes from Barstow. In 1990 when Scott "Wino" Weinrich reformed The Obsessed, Reeder joined on bass and recorded two albums with the band including the landmark 1991 album Lunar Womb. Reeder left The Obsessed in 1992, and joined stoner rock band Kyuss who were without a bassist after the departure of Nick Oliveri. Reeder remained with Kyuss until they disbanded in 1995. After the breakup of Kyuss, Reeder began playing with Tool and was considered as a potential full-time member for the band until Justin Chancellor took over duties as permanent bassist.

Barstow, California City in California, United States

Barstow is a city in San Bernardino County, California, United States. The population was 22,639 at the 2010 census. Barstow is located 67 miles (108 km) north of San Bernardino.

Fu Manchu (band) Southern Californian stoner rock band

Fu Manchu is an American stoner rock band formed in Southern California in 1985.

Scott Weinrich American musician

Robert Scott Weinrich, known as Wino, is an American rock singer, guitarist and songwriter.

In 2002, Reeder produced the British hard rock band Orange Goblin's album Coup De Grace, and John Garcia provided guest vocals on tracks 'Made of Rats' and 'Jesus Beater'. In 2003, Reeder was among eight bassists, including Robert Trujillo and Pepper Keenan, to audition for Metallica after the departure of Jason Newsted, a position Trujillo filled. Short excerpts from Reeder's meeting with Metallica can be seen in the documentary Some Kind of Monster . Reeder handled production and bass duties for Bütcher and appeared on their album Auricle in 2005. He left the band in October 2006. He recently produced the album "Wyllt" for LA band, Black Math Horseman. [1] In 2006, Reeder released his first solo album TunnelVision Brilliance on which he wrote and performed all tracks by himself. In summer 2011 he stood in at some shows of Kyuss Lives!, a band composed of former Kyuss members.

Orange Goblin British rock band

Orange Goblin are a heavy metal band from London, England. Formed in 1995, the band's lineup currently consists of singer Ben Ward, guitarist Joe Hoare, bassist Martyn Millard, and drummer Chris Turner.

John Garcia (singer) American singer

John Garcia is a vocalist and songwriter. Garcia is best known as the vocalist and founding member of Kyuss, Slo Burn, and Unida. Garcia recently performed in Vista Chino with former Kyuss drummer Brant Bjork although the band broke up in 2014 after a falling out which caused Garcia to leave the band. Garcia and Bjork have since decided to continue their individual solo projects, with Garcia releasing his debut album John Garcia on July 25, 2014.

Robert Trujillo American bassist known for his role as the current bassist of Metallica

Robert Trujillo, is an American musician and songwriter. He has been the bassist of the American heavy metal band Metallica since 2003. He was also a member of crossover thrash band Suicidal Tendencies, funk metal supergroup Infectious Grooves, heavy metal band Black Label Society, and has worked with Jerry Cantrell and Ozzy Osbourne.


Scott Reeder


<i>Welcome to Sky Valley</i> 1994 studio album by Kyuss

Welcome to Sky Valley is the third studio album by American rock band Kyuss. It was released on June 28, 1994, through Elektra and Chameleon Records.

<i>...And the Circus Leaves Town</i> 1995 studio album by Kyuss

...And the Circus Leaves Town is the fourth and final studio album by American stoner rock band Kyuss, released on July 11, 1995, nearly a year before their breakup. Drummer Alfredo Hernández replaces Brant Bjork, who left Kyuss in 1993. The album features a tighter and more straightforward sound, both in songwriting and production, than the band's preceding efforts. Upon its release, ...And the Circus Leaves Town was not as commercially or critically successful as the previous Blues for the Red Sun and Welcome to Sky Valley. Critic Dean Brown attributes this partly to a lack of promotion and the band's breakup, but also notes that the album "deserves to be cherished as much as the two molten hot records that came right before it." A video was released for "One Inch Man", the album's only official single.

<i>Muchas Gracias: The Best of Kyuss</i> 2000 compilation album by Kyuss

Muchas Gracias: The Best of Kyuss is a compilation album by the American stoner rock band Kyuss, released in 2000 through Elektra Records. Although promoted as a "best of" album, it features mostly rare tracks and B-sides and includes only five tracks from the band's four studio albums. The final four tracks are live recordings from a May 24, 1994 performance in Hamburg, previously released as the Live at Marquee Club EP which was included with the first 3,000 copies of the band's 1994 album Welcome to Sky Valley released in Germany and Australia; the tracks were also included on various editions of the "Demon Cleaner" single that same year.

The Obsessed

<i>Lunar Womb</i> 1991 studio album by The Obsessed

Lunar Womb is the second studio album by the heavy metal band The Obsessed. It was released in 1991 by Hellhound Records. It was reissued in 2006 by MeteorCity. The painting on the cover is entitled Saturn Devouring His Son by Francisco de Goya.

<i>Incarnate</i> (The Obsessed album) 1999 compilation album by The Obsessed

Incarnate is a compilation album released by doom metal band The Obsessed. It consists of tracks taken from a number of rare and unreleased sources, namely: their Sodden Jackal and Altamont Nation 7"s, the Hellhound Records What the Hell! compilation, and some unreleased demos. There are also two cover songs: "On the Hunt" and "Inside-Looking Out". The track "Streetside" is a video clip.

Sun and Sail Club



Unida is an American stoner rock band that was formed after the dissolution of Kyuss and Slo Burn. The band originally consisted of John Garcia (vocals), Arthur Seay (guitar), Miguel Cancino (drums) and Dave Dinsmore (bass). Dinsmore was later replaced by Scott Reeder, who was in turn replaced by Eddie Plascencia.

Goatsnake American doom metal band

Goatsnake is an American doom metal band from Los Angeles, California. They have released three studio albums, the first being 1999's Goatsnake Vol. 1.

Ten East is an experimental/jam rock project based in the Palm Desert and Los Angeles area of the United States. The musicians involved share a common respect for improvised jamming mixed with years of playing and listening to all types of rock, psychedelic, Latin, jazz, blues, surf and punk music. The end result is an intense, cohesive wall of sound of heavy, dark, instrumental blues with psychedelic and surf overtones.


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<i>Blues for the Red Sun</i> 1992 studio album by Kyuss

Blues for the Red Sun is the second studio album by American rock band Kyuss, released in 1992. While the album received mainly favorable reviews, it fared poorly commercially, selling only 39,000 units. It has since become a very influential album within the stoner rock genre. It was the last Kyuss album to feature bassist Nick Oliveri, who was replaced by Scott Reeder shortly after recording had been completed. Reeder had previously played with the Obsessed.

Nick Oliveri American rock musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter

Nick Steven Oliveri is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Oliveri is perhaps best known as a former member of Kyuss and later Queens of the Stone Age from 1998 to 2004. Oliveri is also a solo artist and frequent contributor to his friends' albums and tours, including Winnebago Deal, Mark Lanegan Band, Masters of Reality, Turbonegro and Moistboyz, among many others. Oliveri is currently the frontman of his project, Mondo Generator, a punk and metal hybrid that he formed in 1997. He has also worked periodically with the Dwarves since 1993.

Spirit Caravan band that plays stoner rock

Spirit Caravan was a Maryland stoner metal band featuring the guitarist and vocalist Scott Weinrich.

Saint Vitus (band) American doom metal band

Saint Vitus is an American heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles in 1979. They are one of the first doom metal bands, alongside Pentagram, Witchfinder General, Trouble and Pagan Altar. Having released eight studio albums to date, Saint Vitus never achieved a popular breakthrough, but have exerted great influence on the development of doom metal, sludge metal, and stoner rock.

<i>Wretch</i> (album) 1991 studio album by Kyuss

Wretch is the first full-length album by American rock band Kyuss, released in September 1991 on Dali Records. The tracks "Black Widow" and "Deadly Kiss" are taken from the band's debut EP, Sons of Kyuss (1990), recorded with original bassist Chris Cockrell, while the rest of the album was recorded with his replacement Nick Oliveri. The Sons of Kyuss songs "Love Has Passed Me By", "Katzenjammer", and "Isolation Desolation" were re-recorded for Wretch, the latter's title shortened to "Isolation".

Byron Stroud Canadian musician

Byron Stroud is a Canadian bassist. He was the former bassist for metal bands Fear Factory and Strapping Young Lad, current bassist for metal bands City of Fire, Imonolith, and Zimmers Hole, and studio bassist for 3 Inches of Blood.

<i>Pure Rock Fury</i> 2001 studio album by Clutch

Pure Rock Fury is the fifth full-length album by the band Clutch released on March 13, 2001, and is the only album release with Atlantic Records. The album liner notes state that it is dedicated to Ronnie True.

Sixty Watt Shaman is an American rock band known for incorporating hard rock with blues, southern rock, doom rock, punk rock and metal influences, originally based out of Eldersburg, Baltimore County, Montgomery County, and Montgomery Village, Maryland. The band play a diverse repertoire of hard hitting groove rock and ethereal psychedelic jams, with classic tube tones, echoing heavy blues, southern groove, doom, and even the ghostly spirit of historic Americana and Appalachian bluegrass. They formed in 1996 and recorded and released their first studio album in 1998. The band last recorded in 2002. The last official band tour was in late 2002 through January 2003; but, have made several reunion appearances since, including Desertfest Berlin and Desertfest London in 2014. The band continues efforts focused on festival events in the US and Europe, and in 2017 are writing and recording new music for release. They are widely regarded as innovators in their musical genre with the "Sixty Watt" sound, and have been both imitated and replicated by peers and bands who followed in their footsteps.

The Hidden Hand was a stoner/doom band from Maryland formed in 2002.

MeteorCity record label

MeteorCity Records is an American record label. MeteorCity was founded in 1997 by Jadd Shickler and Aaron Emmel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. With the release of its compilation album Welcome to MeteorCity showcasing young unsigned Kyuss-like bands, MeteorCity helped launch the stoner rock genre and many of the genre's first bands, plus side projects from members of well-known bands including The Atomic Bitchwax and Hermano. MeteorCity Records was one of the first record labels dedicated exclusively to Stoner rock, doom metal, sludge metal, drone metal and psychedelic rock.

<i>TunnelVision Brilliance</i> 2006 studio album by Scott Reeder

TunnelVision Brilliance is the 2006 debut album by Scott Reeder, former bassist of Kyuss. The album was recorded intermittently over an 18 year period, mainly with song ideas that did not quite fit with the bands Reeder was active with over that time. Reeder performed, recorded and produced the album entirely on his own.

Scott Reeder may refer to:

Vista Chino band

Vista Chino is an American rock band, formed in 2010 by vocalist John Garcia, drummer Brant Bjork and bassist Nick Oliveri, all previously members of Kyuss, along with guitarist Bruno Fevery.

Dali's Llama is an American band formed in 1993 by Zach Huskey and his wife, Erica. The band is primarily a desert rock / stoner rock band but over the years, it has ventured into doom, punk rock, experimental, and garage rock The Huskeys also started their own record label called Dali's Llama Records and have released twelve CDs.


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