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Studio album by
ReleasedJune 1993
RecordedAugust 1991, Stable Sound
October 1992, Atlantis Studios
Genre Alternative rock
Label Au Go Go (original issue)
Universal / Polydor (reissue)
Producer Spiderbait
Spiderbait chronology
Circle K (EP)
The Unfinished Spanish Galleon of Finley Lake
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic Star full.svgStar full.svgStar empty.svgStar empty.svgStar empty.svg [1]
Head Heritage favourable [2]

Shashavaglava is the debut studio album by Australian rock band Spiderbait. "Shashavaglava" means "crazyhead" in Serbo-Croatian. [3] The final seven tracks are incorporated from an earlier EP, P'tang Yang Kipper Bang Uh!.

Australia Country in Oceania

Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a sovereign country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands. It is the largest country in Oceania and the world's sixth-largest country by total area. The neighbouring countries are Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and East Timor to the north; the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu to the north-east; and New Zealand to the south-east. The population of 25 million is highly urbanised and heavily concentrated on the eastern seaboard. Australia's capital is Canberra, and its largest city is Sydney. The country's other major metropolitan areas are Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Rock music is a broad genre of popular music that originated as "rock and roll" in the United States in the early 1950s, and developed into a range of different styles in the 1960s and later, particularly in the United Kingdom and in the United States. It has its roots in 1940s and 1950s rock and roll, a style which drew heavily on the genres of blues, rhythm and blues, and from country music. Rock music also drew strongly on a number of other genres such as electric blues and folk, and incorporated influences from jazz, classical and other musical styles. Musically, rock has centered on the electric guitar, usually as part of a rock group with electric bass, drums, and one or more singers. Usually, rock is song-based music usually with a 4/4 time signature using a verse–chorus form, but the genre has become extremely diverse. Like pop music, lyrics often stress romantic love but also address a wide variety of other themes that are frequently social or political.

Spiderbait Australian band

Spiderbait are an Australian alternative rock band formed in Finley, a small town in rural New South Wales, in 1991 by bass guitarist Janet English, singer-drummer Kram, and guitarist Damian Whitty. In 2004 the group's cover version of the 1930s Lead Belly song "Black Betty" reached number one on the ARIA Singles Chart. They have five top 20 albums: The Unfinished Spanish Galleon of Finley Lake (1995), Ivy and the Big Apples (1996), Grand Slam (1999), Tonight Alright (2004), and Greatest Hits (2005). The group have won two ARIA Music Awards with the first in 1997 as 'Best Alternative Release' for Ivy and the Big Apples and the second in 2000 as 'Best Cover Art' for their single "Glokenpop". Since late 2004, the band has been on hiatus to concentrate on solo projects and their personal lives—although periodically returning for occasional gigs. In November 2013 the band released their first studio album in nine years, Spiderbait.


It was originally released in June 1993 on Au Go Go. In 1995, when Spiderbait signed to Polygram, the album was reissued on the new label.

Track listing

1."Word I Said"2:56
2."Too Much"5:03
3."7 Zark 7"3:16
6."Ol' Man Sam"3:05
7."B & T"4:37
8."Boys at the Beak"2:04
9."Shakespeare's Tacklebox"3:27
13."Another Brick in the Head"3:52
14."Old Man Sam"2:40
15."Invisible Man"3:06
17."Fucken Ace"3:54

Note: The original Au Go Go release has incorrect track marks. The song "Shashavaglava" is split over two tracks, while "Invisible Man" and "K.C.R." appear as a single track. This causes the track numbers of the intervening tracks to be offset by one. The problem was corrected in later pressings.[ citation needed ] It also appears like this in the iTunes release.

Au Go Go Records is the name of a Melbourne, Australia based independent record label. It was founded by Bruce Milne and Philip Morland from a house in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy in 1979 and is now operated by Greta Moon.

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Edward Charles Nimmervoll was a prominent Australian music journalist, author and historian. He worked on rock and pop magazines Go-Set (1966–1974) and Juke Magazine (1975–92) both as a journalist and as an editor. From 2000, Nimmervoll was editor of HowlSpace, a website detailing Australian rock/pop music history, providing artist profiles, news and video interviews. He was an author of books on the same subject and co-authored books with musicians including Brian Cadd and Renée Geyer.

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Sadie is the debut studio album by Australian pop singer John Farnham it was released by EMI Records in April 1968. The lead single, "Sadie " had been released in November 1967, it was #1 on the Go-Set National Singles Charts for five weeks, and was the largest selling single in Australia by an Australian artist in the 1960s. The single, "Sadie " sold approximately 180,000 copies in Australia, and was also released in New Zealand, Denmark and Germany. The second follow up album single was Jeff Barry/Ellie Greenwichs "Friday Kind of Monday" included on the album and was released in March as a double-A side with a cover of Flanagan and Allens, "Underneath the Arches" as Farnham's second single, which peaked at #6.

The discography of Sherbet, including releases under the names Highway and The Sherbs, consists of ten studio albums, thirty-eight singles, one extended play, eleven compilation albums, three live albums and two video album/DVDs.


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