St. Joseph's Parish Shrine, Pavaratty

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St. Joseph's Parish Shrine
St. Joseph's Parish Shrine, Pavaratty
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St. Joseph's Parish Shrine
Location of St. Joseph's Parish Shrine, Pavaratty in Kerala.
10°33′48″N76°03′46″E / 10.563231°N 76.062865°E / 10.563231; 76.062865 Coordinates: 10°33′48″N76°03′46″E / 10.563231°N 76.062865°E / 10.563231; 76.062865
Location Chavakkad, Thrissur district, Kerala
Country India
Denomination Syro-Malabar Catholic

St. Joseph's Parish Shrine, Pavaratty is a Christian church located in Thrissur, Kerala, India. Located in a small town named Pavaratty, the church is popularly known as Pavaratty Palli. It is a parish of Syro-malabar traditions under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Arch-diocese of Thrissur. [1] The fireworks connected to the grand annual feast on the third Sunday after Easter is famous. [2]


The Indian Postal Department issues a special pictorial cancellation stamp to post offices connected to popular tourist destinations and pilgrimages in India. The postal department has provided pictorial cancellation at Pavaratty post office from 13 May 1996. [3] [4] Pavaratti Church is the third Christian church in Kerala to receive this honor (Malayattoor Church and Bharananganam Church are the other two churches). [3]


The Pavaratty area was once under the Chittattukara Parish. Since the Chittattukara church is little far from Pavaratty, people of Pavaratty requested to extend the commencement of Tirukarma ceremonies a little. But the church officials ignored the requests, so the believers from Pavaratty decided to build a church of their own, which later became St. Joseph's Church. [1]

The simple church structure was blessed on 13 April 1876, on a Maundy Thursday. [5] After that, they set out to construct a permanent church building and it was completed in 1880. [5] To accommodate more people in the church hall, in 1934, a spacious hall constructed facing the main altar from the southern side, and in 1961 another one was constructed to the Northern side. The church was renovated in 1975 and later in 2004. The altar of the church which was built in the Portuguese style of architecture, was kept unchanged during these renovations. [3]


The church is located in Pavaratty town in Chavakkad taluk, Thrissur district, Kerala. The church is located 23 km northwest of Thrissur and 4 km south of Guruvayur. [1] The nearest railway station is Guruvayur and the nearest airport is Kochi International Airport (59 km). [1]

Church feast

The annual grand feast of the shrine falls on the third Sunday after Easter. It is one of the most significant church festivals of Kerala. [5] In 2019, it was the 143rd annual festival. [6] In 2020, the festival was cancelled due to corona prevention protocols. The fireworks connected to the annual festival celebration is also famous.

Institutions under the church [7]



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Pavaratty is a census town in Thrissur district in the Indian state of Kerala.Pavaratty is situated in the coastal area of Chavakkad Taluk in Thrissur District. The town is about 23 km north-west of Thrissur town and 5 km south of Guruvayoor. It is the site of St. Joseph's Parish Shrine, Pavaratty and also lies near Palayur (4 km), famous for the Palayur Church. Nearby airports are Cochin International Airport (77 km) and Calicut Airport (95 km). The nearest railheads are at Guruvayoor and Thrissur. Nearest bus stations are Thrissur Bus Station and Guruvayoor Bus Station. From Thrissur, the shortest way to Pavaratty is via Amala-Parappur-Puvathur.

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The St. Antony's Syro-Malabar Catholic Forane Church is located at Ollur, Thrissur city in Kerala, India. The church belongs to Syro-Malabar Catholic Archdiocese of Thrissur. According to rough figures there are around 4,000 Christian families in the parish. Because of the huge presence of Christian people in Ollur, with its religious, educational, medical, social-service, and secular organisations and institution, Ollur has been called as Chinna Roma. The church is constructed on a hill-top which is the highest location in the area. The church is surrounded by a huge protective compound wall called Elephant Wall. When Thrissur Vicariate Apostolic was erected in 1887, Ollur was the richest, most populous, and influential parish, so much that the Vicar of the Ollur parish were included in Adolph Medlycott's four-member diocesan apex council. St. Anthony's Forane Church has 18 churches under its jurisdiction.

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Thrissur City Police (TCP), a division of the Kerala Police, is the law enforcement agency for the City of Thrissur, Kunnamkulam and the temple town of Guruvayoor. The city police force is headed by a Commissioner of Police, an IPS officer, and the administrative control vests with the Home Ministry of Kerala. Thrissur City Police is the largest Police District in Kerala state covering an area of 570.79 Square kilometre.

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Malayattoor is a village in Angamaly Block Panchayth. It is situated around 15 km (9 mi) north-east of Angamaly in Ernakulam District in the state of Kerala in South India. The name `Malayattoor' is an amalgamation of three small words. Mala (Mountain) Arr (River) Oore (Place). This is to say, Malayattoor is a meeting place of mountain, river, and land.

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St George's Syro-Malabar Forane Church is a Catholic pilgrimage church in Kulathuvayal, Perambra, Kozhikode, India.

Nenmara Vallanghy Vela

The Nenmara Vallanghy Vela or Nenmara Vela is one of the most popular annual festival of Kerala celebrated at Nellikulangara Bhagavathy temple in Nenmara, Palakkad district.

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The Church of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help, popularly known as Nithyasahaya Matha Palli or Moonjeli Palli is a parish church coming under the Syro-Malabar Catholic Eparchy of Irinjalakuda. It is situated along the Chalakudy - Ashtamichira Road, about 1 km from Chalakudi railway station at a small hamlet by name, Munjeli, in the south Indian state of Kerala. The parish falls under the jurisdiction of St. Mary's Forane, Chalakudy.

St. Sebastian's Church, Chittattukara is a Syro-Malabar Catholic Church situated 22 kilometres to the north-west of Thrissur City, and 5 kilometres far of Guruvayur Town. It is 6 kilometres away from the historically important Palayur Church.


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