State Property Fund of Ukraine

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State Property Fund of Ukraine

State Property Fund of Ukraine is a central body of executive power with special status and being administrated by the Cabinet of Ukraine.



State Property Fund of Ukraine was established in 1991 according to the Cabinet of Ministers' Resolution N.158 for the purpose of the implementation of the state policy of the privatization of state property. [1] The activities of the Fund is regulated by the "Law on the State Property Fund of Ukraine" adopted in December 2011. [2]



At least two former directors of the State Property Fund committed suicide (Mykhailo Chechetov and Valentyna Semenyuk-Samsonenko) after the events of Euromaidan and after the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych left the country.

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Rustem Enver oğlu Umerov is a Ukrainian politician, businessman, investor, and philanthropist of Crimean Tatar origin. Umerov was a member of the 9th Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada from 2019 to 2022, resigning to become head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine. Before his election he was the CEO of ASTEM Company, which specializes in communications, IT and infrastructure investment.

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