Sunset Murder Case

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Sunset Murder Case
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Directed by Louis J. Gasnier
Produced by Sam Coslow (associate producer)
George A. Hirliman (producer)
Written by Harold Joyce (story "Sunset Strip Case" in Liberty Magazine)
Paul Franklin (screenplay) and
Arthur Hoerl (screenplay)
Lawrence Meade (additional dialogue)
Starring Sally Rand
Esther Muir
Music byHugo Riesenfeld
CinematographyMack Stengler
Edited by Martin G. Cohn
Distributed by Grand National Pictures
Release date
  • November 11, 1938 (1938-11-11)
CountryUnited States

Sunset Murder Case is a 1938 American film directed by Louis J. Gasnier and starring Sally Rand and Esther Muir.


The film is also known as High Explosive in the United Kingdom.

Plot summary

After her policeman father is killed and nightclub singer Nina is murdered, Kathy posing as stripper Valarie goes to work underground to catch the gangster. Her boyfriend reporter Lou watches out for her.



Movie was made in 1938 but not released until 1941 due to censors and name change from "Sunset Strip" to "Sunset Murder". The studio Grand National went out of business and the order of the cast changed as well. \


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