Streets of Shanghai

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Streets of Shanghai
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Directed by Louis J. Gasnier
Produced by John M. Stahl
Written by Viola Brothers Shore
Harry Braxton
Jack Natteford
Starring Pauline Starke
CinematographyMax Dupont
E. Fox Walker
Distributed by Tiffany Pictures
Release date
  • December 15, 1927 (1927-12-15)
Running time
6 reels
(5,276 feet)
CountryUnited States
Language Silent
(English intertitles)

Streets of Shanghai is a 1927 American silent drama film directed by Louis J. Gasnier and written by Harry Braxton and Jack Natteford. [1] The film, starring Pauline Starke, Kenneth Harlan, and Eddie Gribbon, was released by Tiffany-Stahl Productions.



Preservation status

This is now considered a lost film. [2]

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