Downward Slope

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Downward Slope
Mona Maris y Carlos Gardel.jpg
Mona Maris and Carlos Gardel
Directed by Louis J. Gasnier
Written by Alfredo Le Pera
Produced bySamuel E. Piza
Cinematography George Webber
Music byAlberto Castellanos
Carlos Gardel
Exito Productions
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date
10 August 1934
Running time
74 minutes
United States
Language Spanish

Downward Slope (Spanish:Cuesta abajo) is a 1934 American-Argentine musical film directed by Louis J. Gasnier and starring Carlos Gardel, Mona Maris and Vicente Padula. [1]



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Cuesta abajo may refer to:

Tell Me Tonight or Be Mine Tonight is a 1932 British musical comedy film directed by Anatole Litvak and starring Jan Kiepura, Sonnie Hale and Magda Schneider. It was shot in Berlin at the Babelsberg Studios as part of a co-production between Gainsborough Pictures and the German firm Cine-Allianz. A separate German-language version The Song of Night was also released.

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Fandango is a 1949 French musical film directed by Emil E. Reinert and starring Luis Mariano, Ludmilla Tchérina and Annette Poivre.


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