Talons of the Eagle

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Talons Of The Eagle is a 1992 American martial arts action film starring Billy Blanks, [1] Jalal Merhi, Matthias Hues and James Hong and directed by Michael Kennedy. [2] It received a limited release on November 6, 1992, and was released on video on December 23, 1992.



After three DEA agents are killed by crime boss Mr. Li (Hong), the DEA reluctantly calls in New York cop and martial arts expert Tyler Wilson (Blanks) and sends him undercover on assignment to Toronto to team up with Canadian vice cop Michael Reed (Merhi). Wilson and Reed must infiltrate Li's gang, so enter a martial arts tournament that Mr Li is known to attend to recruit talent. In order to be ready for the tournament they train with legendary Master Pan Qing Fu, who teaches them the art of 'eagle claw'. Master Pan's son was killed by Li so he too seeks revenge and agrees to teach them. At the tournament Tyler and Michael impress and end up saving Mr. Li from being killed by a rival crime boss. Li invites the two to join his staff, therefore gaining access to Li's operation. While undercover working as security at Li's illegal gambling facility they discover that another undercover agent, Cassandra (Priscilla Barnes), has already got into Li's organization and must discover if she has switched sides as she hasn't reported to her commanding officer in three weeks. Michael discover Cassandra hasn't switched sides and the three uncover a plot that Li is trying to blackmail a local politician into waving extradition for one of Li's criminal associates Fong Wai Hut, but during a drug deal Reed is arrested and bailed by Li to be interrogated as Li's right-hand man Khan (Hues) discovers Michael is a cop. In the final showdown Michael escapes and helps Tyler and Master Pan battle Li, Khan and their army of henchmen before destroying the entire Li empire. At the end the duo are congratulated by their captain and make the sign of the eagle claw.


Jalal Merhi as Michael Reed
Billy Blanks as Tyler Wilson
James Hong as Mr. Li
Priscilla Barnes as Cassandra
Pan Qingfu as Himself - Master Pan
Matthias Hues as Khan
Harry Mok as Niko
Gary Foo as Fong Wai Hut


The movie was shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada between April 23, 1992 and May 21, 1992, and was made by production companies Film One Productions and Shapiro-Glickenhaus Entertainment.


It received a short theatrical release in Canada by Cineplex Odeon Films.

Home media

The film was distributed on VHS in 1992 by MCA/Universal Home Video (USA) and in 1993 by Cineplex-Odeon Home Video and MCA Home Video. Since then it has been distributed by numerous companies on VHS and DVD including a 1999 Home Video release from Alliance Atlantis in Canada and receiving 2 DVD releases. The first DVD was released in the United States by 20th Century Fox in 2004 and in 2005 in Canada by Legacy Entertainment.


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The film was heavily edited by MTV Brasil in 2007 for the show Tela Class, in which they redubbed and changed the plot from various movies for comedic purposes. Tales of the Eagle became 'Garras de Baitola' (Talons of the Queer), in which the two main characters were implied to be a couple who worked as bouncers in a chinese-owned club. It is implied that Billy Blanks character was Pelé.