Tangle (TV series)

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Tangle intertitle.jpg
Current intertitle for Tangle.
Created by John Edwards
Imogen Banks
Fiona Seres
Written by Fiona Seres
Tony McNamara
Judi McCrossin
Directed by Jessica Hobbs
Matthew Saville
Stuart McDonald
Emma Freeman
Michael James Rowland
Starring Justine Clarke
Catherine McClements
Matt Day
Kat Stewart
Joel Tobeck
Don Hany
Eva Lazzaro
Blake Davis
Lincoln Younes
Kick Gurry
Theme music composer Bryony Marks
Country of origin Australia
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes22 (list of episodes)
Executive producers Hugh Marks (Southern Star)
Kim Vecera (Showtime)
Producers John Edwards
Imogen Banks
Production locations Melbourne
EditorsSteve Evans
Peter Carrodus
Running time50–55 minutes
Production company Southern Star
Original network Showcase
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
576i / 576p (SDTV)
Original release1 October 2009 (2009-10-01) 
29 April 2012 (2012-04-29)
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Tangle is an Australian drama series for the Showcase subscription television channel. It focuses on the tangled lives of two generations of two families. [1] Tangle is filmed in Melbourne and first screened on 1 October 2009. [2] [3] It is written by Fiona Seres, Tony McNamara and Judi McCrossin, and directed by Jessica Hobbs, Matthew Saville and Stuart McDonald. [4] There have so far been three seasons.



Season 1

Tangle revolves around the intertwined lives of the Kovac and Williams families and their network of friends and extended family. Nat Manning (Kat Stewart) returned to her home town of Melbourne after ten years in England on the minor celebrity circuit. She created ripples and then waves in the lives of two clans already struggling under the weight of their myriad secrets. Ally (Justine Clarke) is the devoted wife of builder Vince (Ben Mendelsohn), mother of Romeo and Gigi (Lincoln Younes and Eva Lazarro), who is happy to have her sister Nat back. Politician Tim (Joel Tobeck) had an affair 15 years ago with Nat, and as a result, Nat became pregnant. Tim and his wife Christine (Catherine McClements) patched up their marriage and fought hard for custody of the child, Max (Blake Davis). Divorcee Em is having an affair with married man Vince and doctor Gabriel (Matt Day) has a secret lust for married Ally. Vince is unexpectedly killed in a random auto accident.

Season 2

With Vince now gone, secretive man Joe Kovac (Kick Gurry), brother of Vince, returns, hoping to become a part of a family he was never allowed into. Spiros Georgiades (Don Hany) is recruited by the party as a political adviser to Tim, and develops an attraction to Christine. Tim makes a bid for the top job of Premier, but is kicked out of the party after an honest press conference. Ally and her children, Romeo and Gigi, make a fresh start in a new house; Nat meets a young, successful man and Gabriel's new outgoing girlfriend, Sophie, looks a lot like Ally (according to Nat).

Season 3

Season Three will pull apart and look at just how the generations separate from one another and how the ties of family are stretched. Ally sheds some of love's illusions and begins to see life possibilities beyond her family and Gabriel. Both Romeo and Gigi need her less than she'd imagined, but in different ways, as they build their own lives. When Max moves away, Christine flirts with a parallel life at odds with all previous certainties. Gabriel and Ally finally get together as Nat reconnects with the sinister Michael Chubbievsky, a suspected drug dealer. Nat's chaos is the one constant. [5]


Main cast

ActorRoleFirst EpisodeLast Episode
Justine Clarke Ally Kovac 1.013.06
Kat Stewart Nat Manning 1.013.06
Catherine McClements Christine Williams 1.013.06
Joel Tobeck Tim Williams 1.013.06
Matt Day Gabriel Lucas 1.023.06
Don Hany Spiros Georgiades 2.013.06
Blake Davis Max Williams1.013.06
Lincoln Younes Romeo Kovac1.013.06
Eva Lazzaro Gigi Kovac1.013.06
Georgia Flood Charlotte Barker1.013.06
Kick Gurry Joe Kovac2.013.06
Ben Mendelsohn Vince Kovac1.011.10
Lucia Mastrantone Em Barker1.011.09

Supporting cast

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Notable guest cast


Showcase renewed Tangle for a third series on 12 December 2010 and production began in June 2011, ending in August.

Tangle is filmed in and around the city of Melbourne, usually set within the more affluent suburbs of the city. Without notice, reason or motivation the idiots in production keep moving houses in different parts of Melbourne. It seems as if the production unit got a deal renting houses until the owners came back in after a 6 month lease. “We just thought our audience would be too stupid to notice” said Assoc producer Alice Broughton. The new house in which Ally and her children move to in season three is in Black Rock, and Tim and Christine's house is in Kew. Some other locations that have been used to film throughout the series are:



Republic of Ireland

Asia Pacific (numerous countries)

New Zealand



United Kingdom

United States

DVD Releases

DVD titleDate ReleasedEpisodesDiscs ACB rating Runtime
Series 115 April 2010 [9] 103M534 minutes
Series 218 November 2010 [10] 62MA15+303 minutes
Series 33 October 2012 [11] 62MA15+317 minutes
Series 1–35 December 2012 [12] 227MA15+1154 minutes
Seasons 1–3(repackaged)21 April 2021 [13] 227MA15+1154 minutes

Awards and nominations

AACTA Awards
2010 Best Lead Actress in a Television Drama Catherine McClements Won [14]
Best Lead Actress in a Television Drama Justine Clarke Nominated
AACTA Award for Best Television Drama Series Tangle (Season 2)Nominated
Best Screenplay in Television Fiona Seres (for 2x5)Nominated
Best Direction in Television Emma Freeman (for 2x6)Nominated
2013 Best Television Drama Series Tangle (season 3)Nominated [15]
ASTRA Awards
2010 Most Outstanding Drama Tangle (Season 1)Nominated [16]
Most Outstanding Performance by an Actor: Male Ben Mendelsohn Won
Most Outstanding Performance by an Actor: Female Justine ClarkeWon
Most Outstanding Performance by an Actor: Male Matt Day Nominated
Most Outstanding Performance by an Actor: Female Catherine McClementsNominated
Best New Talent Eva Lazzaro Nominated
2011Most Outstanding DramaTangle (Season 2)Nominated [17] [18]
Most Outstanding Performance By An Actor: Male Don Hany Nominated
Most Outstanding Performance by an Actor: FemaleJustine ClarkeNominated
Most Outstanding Performance by an Actor: FemaleCatherine McClementsWon
2013Most Outstanding DramaTangle (Season 3)Won [19]
Most Outstanding Performance By An Actor: Male Lincoln Younes Won
Most Outstanding Performance By An Actor: Male Dan Wyllie Nominated
Most Outstanding Performance By An Actor: FemaleJustine ClarkeNominated
Most Outstanding Performance By An Actor: FemaleCatherine McClementsWon
Most Outstanding Performance By An Actor: FemaleEva LazzaroNominated
Australian Director' Guild Awards
2010 Best Direction in a Television Drama Series Stuart McDonald (for 1x9)Won [20]
IF Awards
2010"Out of the Box" AwardEva LazzaroNominated
2011"Out of the Box" Award Blake Davis Nominated
Logie Awards
2010 Most Outstanding Drama Series, Miniseries or Telemovie Tangle (Season 1)Nominated [21]
Most Outstanding Actor Ben MendelsohnNominated
Most Outstanding Actress Justine ClarkeNominated
Most Outstanding New Talent Eva LazzaroNominated
2011Most Outstanding ActressJustine ClarkeNominated [22]
Most Popular Actor Don Hany (also for Offspring )Nominated
2013Most Outstanding Drama SeriesTangle (Season 3)Nominated [23]
Most Outstanding ActressCatherine McClementsNominated
NSW Premier's Literary Awards
2010Script WritingFiona Seres (for 1x1)Nominated
Screen Music Awards
2010Best Television ThemeBryony MarksNominated
Best Music in a Television Series or SerialBryony Marks (for 1x1)Nominated
2011Best Music in a Television Series or SerialBryony Marks (for 2x6)Nominated

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