Tatiana Aleshina

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Tatiana Aleshina
Russian: Татьяна Владимировна Алёшина
Born (1961-07-03) July 3, 1961 (age 60)
Nizhyn, Nizhyn Raion, Chernihiv Oblast, Ukraine, USSR
Website http://www.asia-plus.ru/cgi-bin/persons.cgi?id=5

Tatiana Aleshina (Russian : Татьяна Владимировна Алёшина, born 3 July 1961, Nizhyn) is a Russian composer, singer-songwriter, theater artist, and poet. She is a music director of the St. Petersburg Demmeni Marionette Theatre, the oldest professional puppet theatre in Russia. [1] She is a member of Union of Theatre Workers of the Russian Federation. [2] [3]



She was born in the city of Nizhyn. Three months later, her family moved to the closed city of Chelyabinsk-40, and then to the Tula region. She graduated from the School of Music in Kurgan and was writing music for theater since 1981. In 1987 she graduated from the Urals Mussorgsky State Conservatoire.

Since 1996 Aleshina works as a music director in the Demmeni Marionette Theatre in St. Petersburg. Since 1992 she collaborates with theater of Elena Kamburova. She is a co-founder of creative union "ASIA", together with Elena Frolova, Alexander Derevyagin and Nicholai Yakimov.

Tatiana Aleshina composed and performs many songs on poems by Russian, Armenian, Georgian, and Latin American poets, as well as songs on her own poems. She published six music albums. She also writes short stories, tales, poems, and plays. In 2001 she published a book of her poems and short stories.


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