Tearing Through

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Tearing Through
Tearing Through lobby card.jpg
Lobby card with McGuire and Talmadge
Directed by Arthur Rosson
Written by Frederick Stowers
Starring Richard Talmadge
Kathryn McGuire
Herbert Prior
Cinematography William Marshall
Richard Talmadge Productions
Truart Film Corporation
Distributed by Film Booking Offices of America
Release date
  • April 12, 1925 (1925-04-12)
Running time
50 minutes
CountryUnited States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

Tearing Through is a 1925 American silent action film directed by Arthur Rosson and starring Richard Talmadge, Kathryn McGuire, and Herbert Prior. [1] [2] It was released in Britain in 1926 by Ideal Films.



As described in a film magazine review, [3] Richard Jones, assistant to the district attorney, volunteers to round up a ring of drug peddlers. He finds his rival for the hand of Constance Madison is in charge of the hop joint. He rescues Constance from the clutches of his rival and brings the peddlers in. He then learns that the District Attorney is involved in the hop ring. He becomes the new district attorney and also Constance's husband.


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