The Man from Texas (1948 film)

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The Man from Texas
Original film poster
Directed by Leigh Jason
Written by Joseph Fields
Jerome Chodorov
Based onMissouri Legend by E.B. Ginty
Starring James Craig
Lynn Bari
Music by Earl Robinson
Cinematography John W. Boyle
Color process Black and white
Bryan Foy Productions
Distributed by Eagle-Lion films
Release date
  • March 6, 1948 (1948-03-06)
Running time
71 minutes
CountryUnited States

The Man from Texas is a 1948 American Western film starring James Craig and Lynn Bari. The film was directed by Leigh Jason, with Earl Robinson serving as the film composer. It is credited as being based on the 1938 play and novel Missouri Legend by Elizabeth Beall Ginty that was based on Jesse James.


It was produced by Bryan Foy for Eagle-Lion Films. [1]


Tobias Simms leads two lives, as a husband and father and as the outlaw called the El Paso Kid. He is in two minds whether to be an honest self supporting father or an outlaw. He compromises by using the skills of the latter to lead a life as the former.


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