Nine Girls

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Nine Girls
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Directed by Leigh Jason
Produced by Burt Kelly
Written by Wilfred H. Petitt (play)
Karen DeWolf
Connie Lee
Al Martin
Starring Ann Harding
Evelyn Keyes
Jinx Falkenburg
Music by John Leipold
Cinematography James Van Trees
Edited by Otto Meyer
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Release date
February 17, 1944
Running time
78 minutes
CountryUnited States
Language English

Nine Girls is a 1944 American mystery film directed by Leigh Jason and starring Ann Harding, Evelyn Keyes and Jinx Falkenburg. [1] Karen DeWolf, Connie Lee, and Al Martin wrote the script, which was based on a play by Wilfred H. Petitt.


Police arrive at a cabin in the woods to investigate the murder of a snooty sorority sister on initiation night. It's raining too hard for anyone to leave, and panic sets in as the sorority sisters and their house mother begin to point fingers at one another.


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