The Old Curiosity Shop (1984 film)

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The Old Curiosity Shop
Directed byWarwick Gilbert
Written by Alex Buzo
Based on novel by Charles Dickens
Produced byEddie Graham
Release date
17 February 1984
Running time
75 mins

The Old Curiosity Shop is a 1984 Australian animated film based on the 1841 novel by Charles Dickens about a young girl (Nell) who lives with her grandfather in a shop, and what happens after they are evicted from the shop by Quilp, a moneylender. [1] It was made by Burbank Films who produced a number of animated films based on classic novels. [2] Their slate cost an estimated $11 million. [3] The Dickens films sold to 20th Century Fox in the US and to the Seven Network in Australia. [4]



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