The Secret Voice

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The Secret Voice is a 1936 British thriller film directed by George Pearson and starring John Stuart, Diana Beaumont and John Kevan. [1] The screenplay concerns a scientist trying to prevent his new invention from being discovered by enemy spies.



A young scientist tries to protect his new invention from being discovered by enemy spies.


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A numbers station is a shortwave radio station characterized by broadcasts of formatted numbers, which are believed to be addressed to intelligence officers operating in foreign countries. Most identified stations use speech synthesis to vocalize numbers, although digital modes such as phase-shift keying and frequency-shift keying, as well as Morse code transmissions, are not uncommon. Most stations have set time schedules, or schedule patterns; however, some have no discernible pattern and broadcast at unpredictable times. Stations may have set frequencies in the high frequency band.

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Jack of All Trades is a half-hour-long syndicated action comedy TV series which ran for two seasons in 2000. With Cleopatra 2525, it formed the Back2Back Action Hour and both shows were notable for being the first American non-animated action series to be produced in the half-hour format since the 1970s. The show was canceled in the middle of its second season.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Diana Prince</span> Secret identity of the superhero Wonder Woman

Diana Prince is a fictional character appearing regularly in stories published by DC Comics, as the secret identity of the Amazonian superhero Wonder Woman, who bought the credentials and identity from a United States Army nurse named Diana Prince. The original Diana went to South America and married her fiancé to become Diana White. The character debuted in Sensation Comics #1 and was created by Charles Moulton and H. G. Peter.

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The Secret World of Alex Mack is an American television series that ran from October 8, 1994 to January 15, 1998, on Nickelodeon. The series was co-created by Ken Lipman and Thomas W. Lynch and was produced by Lynch Entertainment, Hallmark Entertainment and Nickelodeon Productions. The Secret World of Alex Mack was accompanied by a tie-in series of 34 paperback books, as well as a variety of merchandise. The series concluded with a two-part finale in 1998.

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Perseus (Персей) was the code name of a hypothetical Soviet atomic spy that, if real, would have allegedly breached United States national security by infiltrating Los Alamos National Laboratory during the development of the Manhattan Project, and consequently, would have been instrumental for the Soviets in the development of nuclear weapons.

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The Confederate Secret Service refers to any of a number of official and semi-official secret service organizations and operations conducted by the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. Some of the organizations were under the direction of the Confederate government, others operated independently with government approval, while still others were either completely independent of the government or operated with only its tacit acknowledgment.

<i>The Secret Show</i> British TV series or program

The Secret Show is a British animated television series produced by Collingwood O'Hare and commissioned by BBC Worldwide in partnership with BBC Children's. The series premiered on 16 September 2006 during TMi on BBC Two. The series premiered in North America on Nicktoons Network on 20 January 2007, and ended on 29 November 2010. It also used to air in countries on CBBC, BBC One, Jetix Latin America, Disney Channel Germany, ABC1, Nickelodeon, BBC Kids, Teletoon+, MBC3, 2x2, Disney Channel Latin America, Prisma+, TVB Pearl, RTÉ2, BFBS, Kids Central, CCN TV6 and TSR 2. A total of 52 episodes were produced.

<i>Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon</i> 1943 film by Roy William Neill

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1942) is the fourth in the Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce series of 14 Sherlock Holmes films which updated the characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the then present day. The film is credited as an adaptation of Conan Doyle's 1903 short story "The Adventure of the Dancing Men," though the only element from the source material is the dancing men code. Rather, it is a spy film taking place on the background of the then ongoing Second World War with an original premise. The film concerns the kidnapping of a Swiss scientist by their nemesis Professor Moriarty, to steal a new bomb sight and sell it to Nazi Germany. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson have to crack a secret code in order to save the country.

<i>Licensed to Kill</i> (1965 film) 1965 British film

Licensed to Kill is an Eastmancolor 1965 superspy imitation James Bond film starring Tom Adams as British secret agent Charles Vine. It was directed and co-written by Lindsay Shonteff. Producer Joseph E. Levine picked it up for American and worldwide distribution and reedited it under the title The Second Best Secret Agent in the Whole Wide World.

<i>Dennis and Gnasher</i> (1996 TV series) 1996 British animated television series

Dennis and Gnasher is a British animated television series based on characters from The Beano comic, which was broadcast on BBC from 2 April 1996 until 7 May 1998. Reruns aired on CBBC until January 2009. The series was produced by Collingwood O'Hare Productions and D.C. Thomson & Co. in association with BBC Television, alongside Flextech and PolyGram Video for the first season only. It was distributed by HIT Entertainment worldwide and was directed and largely written by Tony Collingwood.

<i>Secret Squirrel</i> TV series

Secret Squirrel is a cartoon character created by Hanna-Barbera and also the name of his segment in The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show, which debuted in 1965. He was given his own show in 1966, titled The Secret Squirrel Show, but was reunited with Atom Ant for one more season in 1967. The half-hour The Secret Squirrel Show included three individual cartoon segments: "Secret Squirrel", "Squiddly Diddly" and "Winsome Witch". Secret Squirrel first appeared in a prime-time animated special called The World of Secret Squirrel and Atom Ant, which aired on NBC on September 12, 1965.

John Steele is a fictional character, a superhuman World War II soldier appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

<i>Luck of the Navy</i> 1938 film directed by Norman Lee

Luck of the Navy is a 1938 British comedy thriller film directed by Norman Lee and starring Geoffrey Toone, Judy Kelly and Clifford Evans. Shot at Elstree Studios it was based on the play The Luck of the Navy by Mrs Clifford Mills and is also known by the alternative title of North Sea Patrol.

<i>Master Spy</i> 1963 British film about a Soviet defector

Master Spy,, is a 1963 British spy film directed by Montgomery Tully and starring Stephen Murray, June Thorburn and Alan Wheatley. The film was based on the short story "They Also Serve" by Gerald Anstruther and Paul White.

<i>Unseen Enemy</i> 1942 film by John Rawlins

Unseen Enemy is a 1942 American spy thriller film directed by John Rawlins and starring Don Terry as a Canadian military intelligence agent trying to uncover a plot to sabotage American ships. Leo Carrillo plays the unscrupulous waterfront club owner who sells usage of his club as a rendezvous point for German, Italian and Japanese spies.

<i>Danger Mouse</i> (2015 TV series) British-Canadian animated series

Danger Mouse is an animated television series, produced by FremantleMedia and Boulder Media, though it started being produced by Boat Rocker Media in 2018 after they acquired FremantleMedia Kids & Family. The series, which is a revival of the 1981 television series of the same name, revolves around Danger Mouse, the self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Secret Agent", and his hamster sidekick Penfold, who protect the world from a variety of dangers. With help from his boss Colonel K and the genius scientist Professor Squawkencluck, Danger Mouse is equipped to defeat his nemesis, Baron Silas von Greenback.

<i>Spies in Disguise</i> 2019 film by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane

Spies in Disguise is a 2019 American computer-animated spy comedy film produced by Blue Sky Studios and distributed by 20th Century Fox. Loosely inspired by the 2009 animated short Pigeon: Impossible by Lucas Martell, the film is directed by Troy Quane and Nick Bruno from a screenplay by Brad Copeland and Lloyd Taylor, and a story by Cindy Davis. It stars the voices of Will Smith and Tom Holland, alongside Rashida Jones, Ben Mendelsohn, Reba McEntire, Rachel Brosnahan, Karen Gillan, DJ Khaled, and Masi Oka in supporting roles. The plot follows a secret agent who is transformed into a pigeon by an intelligent young scientist; the two must then work together to stop a revenge-seeking cybernetic terrorist, and return the agent to his human form.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Callum "Halfway" Highway</span> Fictional character from EastEnders

Callum "Halfway" Mitchell is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Tony Clay. He was introduced in the episode first broadcast in the United Kingdom on 1 January 2018. Callum is introduced as a friend of the Carter family, which was not publicised beforehand. Callum is a comedic character who is jovial, dopey and "happy-go-lucky" who wears shabby clothing and beanie hats. Callum's initial stint on the show focuses on his relationship with the Carter family and establishing a relationship with Whitney Dean.