The Silos

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Origin New York City, U.S.
Genres Rock
Alternative rock
Roots rock
Years active1985–present
LabelsRecord Collect
Checkered Past
Blue Rose
Sonic Pyramid
Associated acts The Vulgar Boatmen
The Setters
Members Walter Salas-Humara
Konrad Meissner
Rod Hohl
Jason Victor
Bruce Martin
Past membersBob Rupe
Mary Rowell
John Galway
John Ross
Brian Doherty
Graham Maby
Kenny Margolis
J.D. Foster
Darren Hess
Tom Freund
Scott Garber
Manny Verzosa
R. Walt Vincent
Gary Sunshine
Jon Tessler
Josema X
Angel Cubero
Drew Glackin
Jeff Muendel

The Silos is an American rock band formed by Walter Salas-Humara and Bob Rupe in New York City, United States in 1985.



Prior to starting the Silos, Salas-Humara had been a member of The Vulgar Boatmen, and Rupe was in Florida bands, The Roll N Pinz, The Cichlids, Crank and The Bobs. The Silos put out the independently released album About Her Steps in 1986, which received a warm critical reception. The band's 1987 follow-up album, Cuba, also independently released, received even more recognition. The Silos were named Best New Artist in the Rolling Stone magazine critics' poll. [1] [2] Cuba continues to be cited as highly influential among alternative country artists.[ citation needed ] The band subsequently signed to RCA Records and released their self-titled third album, produced by Salas-Humara and Rupe along with Peter Moore. Commonly referred to as "the bird album" or "The One With The Bird On The Cover," The Silos led to the band's network TV debut appearance on Late Night with David Letterman .

Salas-Humara quit the band following the release of The Silos, and purchased the rights to The Silos name from Rupe in 1991, thus dissolving the partnership. [3] Subsequent albums included Hasta La Victoria (1992), Susan Across The Ocean (1994), Heater and its remix companion Cooler (both 1998). After Heater was recorded, Salas-Humara turned the band into a three piece with Drew Glackin on bass and lap steel guitar and Konrad Meissner on drum and backing vocals. The subsequent records were Laser Beam Next Door (2001), When The Telephone Rings (2004), and the live This Highway Is A Circle followed. Bloodshot Records released the Silos' 2007 offering, Come On Like The Fast Lane. In 2008, Glackin died. [4] Salas-Humara and Meissner continue to perform with other players. In 2011, the band released Florizona with Rod Hohl playing bass, Bruce Martin on keyboards and Jason Victor on guitar.

Salas-Humara has also released the solo albums, Lagartija (1988) (which also featured Bob Rupe), Radar (1995) and most recently, Curve and Shake (2014). He joined Alejandro Escovedo and Michael Hall in a side project called the Setters. The novelist and music aficionado Jonathan Lethem called Salas-Humara "a melodic genius, one of our greatest songwriters." [5] Rolling Stone said Salas-Humara "has a deft songwriting touch, creating terse, stripped-down songs as elegant as Shaker furniture. [6]

Bob Rupe went on to record with House of Freaks, Gutterball and Sparklehorse. He was a member of Cracker from 1994 to 2000 and has appeared as a guest artist on releases by many other artists.


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Walter Salas-Humara is the chief songwriter for and a founding member of The Silos, a rock band formed in 1985 in New York City with Bob Rupe. The Silos were voted the Best New American Band in the Rolling Stone Critics Poll of 1987, and have released more than a dozen albums to date. As indicated by its name, which suggests both agrarian populism and impending apocalypse, the band shows influences of post-punk East Village experimentalism as well as the nascent country-rock revivalism that would return at decade's end. As described by Stephen Holden in the New York Times, "The band's austere style inflects the astringent twang of the Velvet Underground with the drone of R.E.M. and adds countryish echoes that recall Gram Parsons."

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The Setters was a collaborative musical project between rock-n-roll songwriters Walter Salas-Humara of the Silos, Alejandro Escovedo of True Believers, and Michael Hall of the Wild Seeds. The band originated when Hall told a music festival he wanted to play at that he was in a band with Salas-Humara and Escovedo. Hall came up with the band name "The Setters" off the top of his head when the festival organizers asked him what the band's name was. Hall then called up Salas-Humara to ask him to perform with him at the festival, and Salas-Humara agreed. They released a single, self-titled album in 1993 on the German Blue Million Miles record label, and which was released the following year in the United States on Watermelon Records. The album was produced by Gurf Morlix, and featured performances by accordionist Lisa Mednick and bassist Scott Garber. The tracks on the album are all new recordings of songs originally written by Salas-Humara, Escovedo, or Hall. Brian Beatty gave the album 3 stars out of 5, writing, "Though there's no arguing with the quality of the songs here, most of them have appeared on albums much better than this one. Purchase those albums first."

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Michael Hall is an American singer-songwriter and journalist from Austin, Texas. Musically, he is known for his work as the frontman of the Wild Seeds and for his subsequent solo career. He has written articles for multiple publications, including Trouser Press, the Austin American-Statesman, and the Austin Chronicle. Since 1997, he has written for Texas Monthly.

Safe House Records was an indie rock record label based in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. It was founded by Ken Katkin, who had previously worked at Homestead Records. Its president was James "Jim" Reynolds. They released a series of Led Zeppelin tribute albums entitled The Song Retains the Name, a reference to the Led Zeppelin song "The Song Remains the Same". The first of these albums was released in 1988, and the second in 1993.


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