The Trial of Donald Westhof

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The Trial of Donald Westhof
Directed by Fritz Wendhausen
Written byFritz Wendhausen
Starring Oskar Homolka
Karin Evans
Imre Ráday
Paul Henckels
Cinematography Curt Courant
Günther Rittau
Music by Artur Guttmann
Distributed by Parufamet
Release date
29 September 1927
German intertitles

The Trial of Donald Westhof (German: Der Kampf des Donald Westhof) is a 1927 German silent crime film directed by Fritz Wendhausen and starring Oskar Homolka, Karin Evans and Imre Ráday. [1] The film's sets were designed by the art director Robert Neppach.



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