Therapy (Infectious Grooves song)

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Single by Infectious Grooves featuring Ozzy Osbourne
from the album The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move...It's the Infectious Grooves
Released9 October, 1991
Format 7" vinyl, CD
Genre Funk metal
Label Epic
Songwriter(s) Mike Muir, Robert Trujillo
Producer(s) Mike Muir, Robert Trujillo
Music video
"Therapy" on YouTube

"Therapy" is the second single by the group Infectious Grooves from their debut album The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move...It's the Infectious Grooves . The song featured Ozzy Osbourne singing the chorus. A music video was directed by frontman and singer Mike Muir. It received airplay on MTV's Headbanger's Ball.

Infectious Grooves is a funk metal supergroup led by Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir. Its original lineup featured former Excel guitarist Adam Siegel, Suicidal Tendencies bassist Robert Trujillo, and Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins. To date, the project released four albums between 1991 and 2000.

<i>The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move...Its the Infectious Grooves</i> 1991 studio album by Infectious Grooves

The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move... It's the Infectious Grooves is the debut album by Infectious Grooves, released in 1991. The song "Therapy" featured vocals from Ozzy Osbourne. The album introduces the character Sarsippius. As of 2011, the album is out of print and problems with the rights ownership make a reissue unlikely. However, it is available as an MP3 download.

Ozzy Osbourne English heavy metal vocalist and songwriter

John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne, also known as The Prince of Darkness, is an English vocalist, songwriter, actor and reality television star who rose to prominence during the 1970s as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. He was fired from the band in 1979 due to alcohol and drug problems, but went on to have a successful solo career, releasing eleven studio albums, the first seven of which were all awarded multi-platinum certifications in the United States. Osbourne has since reunited with Black Sabbath on several occasions. He rejoined the band in 1997 and recorded the group’s final studio album 13 (2013) before they embarked on a farewell tour which culminated in a final performance in their home city Birmingham, England in February 2017. His longevity and success have earned him the informal title of "Godfather of Heavy Metal".



In an interview with Songfacts, Muir commented on working with Osbourne:

When we were doing the record and first started recording it, the producer said, "What do you want to do on the chorus?" I said, "I actually think it would be really cool if Ozzy sang on it." And they're like, "Oh, give him a call." I'm like, "Dude, I don't know Ozzy." [...] And then two days later, I came in the studio, and he goes, "Guess who just came in the studio next door?" And I'm like, "Who?" And he goes, "Ozzy." I'm like, "You serious?" And he goes, "Yeah, go talk to him." I'm going, "I'm not going to talk to him!" We went to lunch and we came back later and there he was in there. He goes, "You have a song you want me to do?" I'm like, "Uhhhhddduuuhhh." And he put the song on, and he's like, "I want to do it! I want to do it!" And it was really cool. So it's funny, 'cause after we did it at least like once or twice a day and in the evening, we hear this little knock or something and look and he'd be poking his head through and he's like, "'Scuse me, will you play that song for me again?" And he'd get in there and listen and start jumping and he goes, "I love it! I love it!" (laughing)


Music video

The video is set in what appears to be a mental institution, switching between the band and the staff of the institution. It also shows Ozzy Osbourne screaming "Therapy!" during the chorus, swinging a pocket watch to the viewer. There are also shots of mentally ill people and the band members in cages.

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Josh Paul is an American bass guitarist best known as an original member of the band Daughtry. As of 2017, he remains a member and has played on all four of their studio albums. Prior to that, at the age of 18, he joined thrash/punk band Suicidal Tendencies. Other notable work includes his soul/rock side project Bobby Church, and contributions to a diverse range of bands and artists such as Infectious Grooves, Everlast, Kelly Osbourne, The Veronica’s, and Ashley Parker Angel.

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