Think of Tomorrow

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Think of Tomorrow
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Studio album by
ReleasedOctober 1991
Genre Folk rock
Label Ariola / Hypertension
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So Early in the Spring
Think of Tomorrow
One More Road
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Think of Tomorrow is the tenth album by Pentangle. It was released on Ariola/Hypertension 883 697/HYCD 200 112 in 1991. Green Linnet released it in the same year on GLCD-3057. Hypertension re-released it in 2005. The notable change in personnel was Peter Kirtley who replaced Rod Clements.


Track listing

  1. "O'er the Lonely Mountain" (Pentangle)
  2. "Baby Now It's Over" (Pentangle)
  3. "Share a Dream" (Pentangle)
  4. "The Storyteller [Paddy's Song]" (Pentangle)
  5. "Meat on the Bone" (Pentangle)
  6. "Ever Yes, Ever No" (Pentangle)
  7. "Straight Ahead" (Pentangle)
  8. "The Toss of Golden Hair" (Trad)
  9. "The Lark in the Clear Air" (Trad)
  10. "The Bonny Boy" (Trad)
  11. "Colour My Paintbook" (Pentangle)


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