Sweet Child

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Sweet Child
Studio album by
Released1 November 1968
Recorded Royal Festival Hall, London,
29 June 1968 and
IBC Studios 1968
Genre Folk, folk rock [1]
Label Transatlantic
Producer Shel Talmy
Pentangle chronology
The Pentangle
Sweet Child
Basket of Light
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Sweet Child was a 1968 double album by the British folk-rock band Pentangle: Terry Cox, Bert Jansch, Jacqui McShee, John Renbourn and Danny Thompson.



One disk of the double album was recorded at Pentangle's live concert in the Royal Festival Hall, which took place on 29 June 1968; the other was recorded in the studio. The material is the most wide-ranging of Pentangle's albums, including folk songs, jazz classics, blues, early music and Pentangle's own compositions. The album cover was designed by Peter Blake, better-known for his design of The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album.


In his retrospective review for Allmusic, Matthew Greenwald called the album, "probably the most representative of their work... In all, Sweet Child is an awesome and delightful collection, and probably their finest hour." [1]

Track listing

Royal Festival Hall
1."Market Song" Terry Cox, Bert Jansch, Jacqui McShee, John Renbourn, Danny Thompson 4:23
2."No More My Lord"Traditional4:05
3."Turn Your Money Green" Furry Lewis 2:59
4."Haitian Fight Song" Charles Mingus 3:52
5."A Woman Like You"Jansch4:06
6."Goodbye Pork Pie Hat"Mingus3:48
7."Three Dances  4:57
8."Watch the Stars"Traditional3:11
9."So Early In the Spring"Traditional3:37
10."No Exit"Jansch, Renbourn2:22
11."The Time Has Come" Anne Briggs 3:14
12."Bruton Town"Traditional6:27
CD bonus tracks
13."Hear My Call"3:48
14."Let No Man Steal Your Thyme"2:59
16."Travelling Song"4:17
18."Way Behind the Sun"2:59
19."John Donne Song"3:24
IBC Studios
1."Sweet Child"Cox, Jansch, McShee, Renbourn, Thompson5:15
2."I Loved a Lass"Traditional2:44
3."Three Part Thing"Jansch, Renbourn, Thompson2:29
5."In Time"Cox, Jansch, Renbourn, Thompson5:09
6."In Your Mind"Cox, Jansch, McShee, Renbourn, Thompson2:16
7."I've Got a Feeling"Cox, Jansch, McShee, Renbourn, Thompson4:29
8."The Trees They Do Grow High"Traditional3:51
9."Moon Dog"Cox2:44
10."Hole in the Coal" Ewan MacColl 5:23
CD bonus tracks
11."Hole in the Coal" (alternate version)2:44
12."The Trees They Do Grow High" (alternate version)3:52
13."Haitian Fight Song" (studio version)4:20
14."In Time" (alternate version)4:40


Chart (1972)Peak
Australia (Kent Music Report) [3] 55



Released versions

Sweet Child was originally released in the UK, as a double LP, on 1 November 1968 as Transatlantic TRA178. The US release, in the same year, was Reprise 2R56334. A CD version was released in 1992 as Line TACD9005. Some of the stage banter in the live section has been cut from this version. In 2001, a digitally remastered version was released as Castle CMDDD132, including several versions of some of the studio takes and some additional songs from the Festival Hall concert: "Hear my Call", "Let No Man Steal Your Thyme", "Bells", "Travelling Song", "Waltz", "Way Behind The Sun" and "Go and Catch a Falling Star".

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