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Thondayad Junction
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Location in Kerala, India
Coordinates: 11°15′52″N75°48′42″E / 11.26457°N 75.81172°E / 11.26457; 75.81172 Coordinates: 11°15′52″N75°48′42″E / 11.26457°N 75.81172°E / 11.26457; 75.81172

Thondayad Junction is an important intersection of Kozhikode city, India. Thondayad Junction. This junction connects the city to the eastern town of Kozhikode District and so the traffic is heavy. The junction also connects to the northern and southern cities of Kerala by express roads.

Kozhikode Metropolis in Kerala, India

Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, is a city in Kerala, India and the headquarters of the Kozhikode district. The Kozhikode metropolitan area is the second largest urban agglomeration in Kerala with a population of 2 million as of 2011. The city lies about 276 km south west of Bangalore, 235 km south of Mangalore and 525 km south west of Chennai.



100 years ago the beach area were the centre of Kozhikode city. In the 1970s the downtown shifted to Mananchira area and again, in the 1980s, Mavoor Road became the centre of attraction. In 2010s, Thondayad Bypass area and Palazhi on the Airport road has emerged as the new city centre with a vibrant night life for foodies.

Kozhikode Beach Place in Kerala, India

Kozhikode Beach or Calicut Beach is a beach on the western side of Kozhikode, situated on the Malabar Coast of India. The beach is accessible through four road overbridges in the city. The beach has paved stones and illumination. There is one Lions Park for the children and an aquarium. Kozhikode beach has always been a prominent place for conducting public meetings. The beach road was renamed 'Gandhi Road' in 1934 after Gandhi visited Calicut in 1934.

Mananchira lake in India

Mananchira is a man-made freshwater pond situated in the centre of the city of Kozhikode in Kerala, southern India. The pond is 3.49 acres in area, is rectangular in shape and is fed by a natural spring.

Mavoor Road City District in Kerala, India

Mavoor Road is the busiest High street of Kozhikode city in Kerala, India. This road connects the Mananchira pond area with the Kozhikode Medical College. After the medical college, the road is extended further to the little village of Mavoor but the term 'Mavoor Road' refers to the section between the city and the Medical college.

Mavoor Road

The road to the west takes you to Arayidathupalam, City Bus Stations and Mananchira pond.

Arayidathupalam Junction Place

Arayidathupalam Junction is the busiest road intersection of Kozhikode city in India.

Medical College Road

The road to the east goes to Chevayur, Kovoor, Medical College, Karanthur, Kunnamangalam and Mavoor village.

Kovoor Town Town in Kerala, India

Kovoor Town is a suburb of Kozhikode city on the eastern side.

Kunnamangalam town in Kerala, India

Kunnamangalam is a growing census town located about 14.5 km east of Kozhikode (Calicut) city on the Calicut-Bangalore National Highway. Nearby places are Koduvally, Chathamangalam, and Kettangal. The locality is home of education. India's premier management institutes like, Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIMK),The NITC, National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology, Indian Institute of Spices Research, Centre for Water Resources Development and Management (CWRDM) and Kerala School of Mathematics, Kozhikode are located here. Kunnamangalam is developing as a suburb of Kozhikode, Kunnamangalam is the east side entry of Calicut City. There is a plan to merge Kunnamangalam Panchayath to calicut corporation by 2030.

Kannur Road

The road to the north goes to Koyilandy, Vatakara, Thalassery and Kannur.

Kannur City in Kerala, India

Kannur is a city and a Municipal Corporation in Kannur district, state of Kerala, India. It is the administrative headquarters of the Kannur District and situated 518 km north of the state capital Thiruvananthapuram. During British rule in India, Kannur was known as Cannanore, a name that is still in use by the Indian Railways. Kannur is the largest city of North Malabar region. As of 2011 census population of Kannur was 232,486. Kannur is one of the million-plus urban agglomerations in India with a population of 1,642,892 in 2011.

Airport Road

The road to the south goes to Pantheerankavu, Ramanattukara and the Calicut International Airport

Ramanattukara Municipality/suburb/city/town in Kozhikode, Kerala, India

Ramanattukara is a Municipality census town in Kozhikode district in the Indian state of Kerala. This town was formerly called Kadungan Chira village.

Calicut International Airport airport in Malappuram, Kerala, India

Calicut International Airport, also known as Karipur Airport, is an international airport serving the cities of Kozhikode and Malappuram in Kerala, India. The airport opened on 13 April 1988. It is located in Karipur, about 28 km (17 mi) from Kozhikode and 25 km (16 mi) from Malappuram. The airport serves as an operating base for Air India Express. It was the twelfth-busiest airport in India in terms of overall passenger traffic. It is the third-busiest airport in Kerala after Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram. It was given international airport status on 2 February 2006.

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Kallayi town in Kerala, India

Kallai is a small town on the banks of Kallai River which links with the Chaliyar river on the south by a man-made canal. It is in the Kozhikode district of Kerala in south India and is noted for timber trading.

Palazhi Village in Kozhikkode District, Kerala, India

Palazhi is a suburb of Kozhikode city in India. It has risen to prominence quite recently because of the UL cyberpark, the Government Cyber park and the creation of a township called Hilite city and Landmark world and many other flat projectshere. Palazhi town is four kilometres from Thondayad junction in Kozhikode city. Metro International Cardiac Center and the Cradle Maternity hospital are situated at Palazhi.

Mankavu is a suburb of Kozhikode, in Kerala, India. It is known as the site of the Zamorin's kovilakam and it is called Mankavu Padinhare Kovilakam. Mankavu derives its name from the Zamorin's Mango Orchard that was in the area some historic records says that earlier was known as "Manavedan kavu" and got shortened into "Mankave". The community is primarily residential, and is a common residential location for students from the local Zamorin's Guruvayurappan College. Krishna Varma and Ravi Varma, famous rebels of Calicut were born and brought up in Mankavu.

Kaniyambetta Village in Kerala, India

Kaniyambetta or Pachilakkad is a village in the Wayanad district of Kerala state, southern India. This places are mainly known as kamblakkad. Village office of kamblakkad is situated here.It is about 8 km from the district capital Kalpetta.

Omanoor village in Kerala, India

Omanoor is a village in the Malappuram district, Kerala, India. The village is in Cheekode Panchayath. There have LP, UP, HSS in this village, and most of the people are daily workers. Omanoor has many historical mythologies.Omanur Shuhadakkal Jaram is famous among them.

Perumanna village in Kerala, India

Perumanna is a village in the Kozhikode district in the state of Kerala, India.

Mukkam Municipality/suburb/town in Kozhikode, Kerala, India

Mukkam is a Municipality town in the Kozhikode district, state of Kerala, India; spread over an area of 31.28 km2.

Kottooli and Pottammal Place in Kerala, India

Kottooly and Pottammal are two nearby junctions on the eastern side of Kozhikode city in India. They are at a distance of 650 meters. The Mavoor Road originates from Mananchira area in downtown Calicut and proceeds to Arayidathu-palam junction through the KSRTC bus station and the new bus station areas.

Nadakkavu Place in Kerala, India

Nadakkavu is a commercial and residential town of Kozhikode city. It is about three kilometers from the city center. Areas like ChakkorathKulam, Vandipettah, Bilathikkulam and Kanakalaya are part of Nadakkavu. The suburb of Nadakkavu is further connected to West Hill area with the government guest house, Government Engineering College Kozhikode and the Government polytechnic situated inside the locality. There is a helipad in Vikram Maidhan West Hill and the road to the beach is called BhattRoad. The road to the north takes you to Puthiyangadi, Pavangad, Kozhikode, Elathur and Koyilandy.

Chevarambalam Place in Kerala, India

Chevarambalam is a suburb of Kozhikode city. This residential layout lies between the Mavoor Road and the Wayanad Road.

Chalappuram Place in Kerala, India

Chalappuram is a suburb of Kozhikode city in India.

Kozhikode East town in Kerala, India

Kozhikode East is a suburb of Kozhikode city in India. Kozhikode East includes areas outside the city jurisdiction but they are still closely associated with the city in terms of commerce and everyday life.

Airport Road, Kozhikode Place

Airport Road, Kozhikode is an important road in Kozhikode, India. It begins at Thondayad Junction and ends at Calicut Airport, about 20 km away. The road passes through Palazhi, Pantheeramkavu, Ramanattukara and Kondotty Thurakkal towns before reaching the airport.

Kozhikode district has an extensive network of road, rail and air travel services. Kozhikode city is the epicenter of the district. Vatakara and Thamarassery are other transport hubs.


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