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Thor is a fictional character in the Comico comic book series Elementals . He was created by Bill Willingham and first appeared in Elementals #23 (Volume 1).


Thor is the Norse god of thunder. He lives in an underground house on Earth's Moon. After watching a news broadcast featuring the Elementals, he decides that they herald the coming of a "new heroic age." With a costume newly designed by his servant to resemble a typical super-hero costume ("skintight and gaudy," as Thor describes them), Thor travels to Earth.

He encounters the Elementals in a wooded area in British Columbia, Canada. He attacks them and the team engages in combat with him for several minutes, until they realize that their battle has set the surrounding forest ablaze. Summoning a storm, Thor douses the forest fire and returns to the Moon. He tells his servant that the encounter started out well but that the Elementals then decided they would have nothing to do with them. So he sent them into a low-Earth orbit (where they are rescued by cosmonauts aboard a Russian space station).

Despite this, the Elementals accept Thor's telephone number and Monolith passes it along to a government agent, John Speck, who rings Thor up. This contact and Thor's violent encounter with two agents of Lord Oblivion lead Thor to become a major player in the Oblivion War. He investigates the Oblivion planet that's taken up Earth orbit behind the Moon and also investigates the landing site of some Oblivion warriors in Tibet. It is there that he encounters Lord Saker, who beats him unmercifully.

Thor offers up an abandoned Asgard as a base of operations for the Community of the Supernature. While he and Monolith are exploring, Thor reveals that the gods left following Ragnarok, which manifested itself on Earth as World War II. The Norse gods were on the side of the Nazis, a fact that Monolith found appalling.

Powers and abilities

Thor has a number of powers relating to his being the god of thunder. He is super-strong and resilient to injury. He is exceptionally long-lived, perhaps immortal. He can survive on the surface of the Moon for extended periods with no external life support. He has the power to summon weather effects including thunder storms, can project lightning through his hammer and "flies" by throwing his hammer and catching it by its unbreakable thong. He can summon Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge between Earth and Asgard, and use it to transport himself and others instantaneously.

Weapons and paraphernalia

Thor carries a hammer as his primary weapon. It is about three feet long, with a square head with beveled edges. He also possesses battle armor, a shield and a helmet, although he decides not to use them in his initial encounter with the Elementals because they are "unfashionable."


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