Elementals (Comico Comics)

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Publisher Texas Comics, Comico
First appearance Justice Machine Annual #1 (1983)
Created by Bill Willingham

Elementals was an American superhero comic book first published in 1984 and created by Bill Willingham, for which he was both writer and artist.


Published by Comico Comics, it lasted until 1996, including a series of specials and miniseries. Comico's publisher, Andrew Rev, purchased the Elementals property from Willingham in the 1990s.

Fictional setting

When a centuries-old sorcerer named Lord Saker built a machine called the Shadowspear to harness the supernatural powers of the world, he upset the natural order of the universe. In response, the four elements, unimaginably powerful spirits who together formed the foundation of existence, each chose an ordinary human who had been killed by their element, and resurrected him or her. They granted each control of that particular element, eternal youth, and the ability to heal from any wound (given sufficient time).


The team consisted of:

The four eventually defeated Saker and his minions, the Destroyers, a team of six: Shapeshifter, Annihilator, Chrysalis, Behemoth, Ratman (who later changed sides), and Electrocutioner. The Destroyers and an early version of Saker known as Doctor Apocalypse originally appeared in Death Duel with the Destroyers and The Island of Dr. Apocalypse , two Willingham-written supplements for the superhero roleplaying game Villains and Vigilantes . Shadowspear, once released from Saker's control, formed a giant malevolent thunderstorm that circled the globe, occasionally transforming animals and corpses into monsters, thus keeping the Elementals busy for many years.


Martin A. Stever reviewed Elementals in Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer No. 83. [1] Stever commented that "Willingham's imagination must be on overdrive to come up with some of the far out ideas in Elementals". [1]

Publication history

One-shots and mini-series


Trade paperback collection

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