Three Inches of Blood

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Three Inches of Blood
The Unicorns - Three Inches of Blood (demo EP) cover art.jpg
Demo album by
Genre Lo-fi, indie pop
Producer The Unicorns
The Unicorns chronology
Three Inches of Blood
Unicorns Are People Too

Three Inches of Blood is a demo EP released by the Unicorns. [1] The EP was allegedly burned onto 3-inch CD-Rs and given to venue owners in the Campbell River, British Columbia area who would arrange shows for the band.[ citation needed ]


Track listing

All tracks are written by the Unicorns.

4."Do the Knife Fight"4:20
5."The Unicorns: 2014"3:36
6."Ebb Tide, Azure Sky"7:16
7."Down on the Corner"1:03
8."Peach Moon"2:42
Total length:21:50


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