Threshold (Morris novel)

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Threshold front cover.jpg
Author Janet Morris Chris Morris
Genre Science fiction
Publisher Roc
Publication date
August 1990
Media typePrint
ISBN 978-0-451-45022-7
Followed by Trust Territory  

Threshold is a 1990 science fiction novel by American writers Chris Morris and Janet Morris. It is the first book of its namesake trilogy. [1]

Plot summary

In a futuristic world, Earth is now a preserve. A captain is transported 500 years into the future and onto Threshold, which is a space habitat. Here he meets with the daughter of a Muslim leader, one of many who are being kept from their travel to Mecca.

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<i>Trust Territory</i> (novel) novel by Janet Morris

Trust Territory is a science fiction novel by American writers Chris Morris and Janet Morris, published in 1992. It is the second book of the Threshold trilogy.

<i>The Stalk</i> novel by Janet Morris

The Stalk is a science fiction novel by American writers Chris Morris and Janet Morris, published in 1994. It is the third book of their Threshold trilogy.

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