Thrill of a Lifetime (album)

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Thrill of a Lifetime
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Studio album by
Genre Hard rock [1]
Label Capitol
Producer Carmine Appice, Duane Hitchings and Spencer Proffer
King Kobra chronology
Ready to Strike
Thrill of a Lifetime
King Kobra III
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic (mediocre) [2]

Thrill of a Lifetime is the second album (and the last to feature Mark Free on vocals) by the American hard rock band King Kobra, released in 1986 by Capitol Records. The album features "Iron Eagle (Never Say Die)", the theme song of the 1986 film Iron Eagle . The music video of the song features Louis Gossett Jr. as Charles "Chappy" Sinclair from the film as the band members (dropping their glam rock looks) going through vigorous boot camp training.


Track listing

All tracks by King Kobra, except where indicated

  1. "Second Time Around" - 4:08
  2. "Dream On" (Russ Ballard) - 4:29
  3. "Feel the Heat" (King Kobra, Scott St. Clair Sheets) - 3:58
  4. "Thrill of a Lifetime" - 4:12
  5. "Only the Strong Will Survive" (King Kobra, St. Clair Sheets) - 4:00
  6. "Iron Eagle (Never Say Die)" (Duane Hitchings, Jake Hooker)- 3:32
  7. "Home Street Home" - 4:20
  8. "Overnight Sensation" - 4:19
  9. "Raise Your Hands to Rock" - 3:47
  10. "Party Animal" - 3:57


Production and performance credits are adapted from the album liner notes. [3]

King Kobra

Additional musicians


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